That was one hot Thursday, with brilliant sunshine that was so low in the sky it poured into the shop all day long. Surrounded by these fading blooms and over ripe quinces which are on their way out, I had to catch them before they were gone.

My walk home took me along the glittering shoreline, where the beach was full of sunbathers not wanting to miss a single ray and the haze over the sea lent a balmy blanket of calm to the scene as I dawdled towards my house.

Clearly my old camera really needs a lens clean x

  • lynn

    I know just how you feel, we had fish and peas on the beach at Lytham last night, and the heat of the sea wall kept us warm as we watched the sun set…its like a fabulous gift this week. Hope you get lots of more sunny hours xxx
    Lynn xxx

    • Jeska

      Oh Lynn you are so right, it is a gift, your evening sounds wonderful, all the UK should have a smile this week xxx

  • Ariane

    Dear Jeska,
    the weather is also very fine in Hamburg, Germany this weekend… 25°C… its just fabulous.
    Your pics are very fine… I can smell the quince.


  • Becky

    Very much smiling with this late sunshine we are having…keep sneaking out of the office for lunches in the park amongst the fading flowers, and today, up in Norfolk for the weekend, we went to the beach.

    Curious what you do with your quinces? I brought some back from France (so heavy and golden, and velvety to the touch I couldn’t resist) but not really sure which of Nigel Slater’s recipes to try (compote, baked, pie…)