Denim pinafore dress Soft indigo folds all tied up with a bow and deep pockets for holding scissors, twigs, seed packets and more. My good life hours are filled with plants, indoors and outside and this dress and apron all sewn up in one – is my kind of comfy. Plus it’s perfect for wearing over my favourite jeans (yes those ones that are worn beyond decency).The good life dressBack in August last year, the lovely Sara and Nadia had an idea to send this beautiful denim pinafore off travelling around the UK (I think it also had a few days in France)! Each wearer has shared what ‘the good life’ means to them and these pictures pretty much capture my happy place, my good life. At home surrounded by all things living and green – with the husband and cats of course!indoor-gardening-attireGrubby hands, thriving pot plants, forlorn succulents, healthy herbs and a few hours slowing down to take care of my green friends. I know I share it often here, but I never knew how much looking after plants would make me happy. I am chomping at the bit waiting for better weather that will let me outside. The-good-life-dress-2Not just props, as someone suggested, I do actually read my observer books, they come in so handy for reference and to identify native wild flowers, cacti, garden shrubs and ships, (well maybe that one is just a prop). Now I have had to post the dress on to the next person, what will I do without the pockets to carry around all my little books of knowledge and my secateurs while I am gardening?The-good-life-dress-detailRunning our own business has been the ultimate realisation for us living the good life. We work longer hours than ever, but on our own terms. Being my own boss has meant I can work when the daylight has gone and indulge my budding inner gardener at 11 am on a Tuesday morning – (once all our parcels have been sent) if I want to. We all know you have to grab and make the most of all daylight hours while you can, here in the winter.indoor-gardenThe good life dress fitted into my life perfectly, so it was with a dash of reluctance that I took it off, washed, dried, wrapped and posted it on to it’s next adventure. You can follow it from the beginning here with Me and Orla and then on it’s next stop is with Belinda.The-good-life-dress-3You can follow the onward (and previous) journey of the good life dress on Instagram here #thegoodlifedresstravels. The Good Life pinafore by Nadinoo is available here and for the duration of the travelling dress, you can use the code ‘thegoodlife’ for £15 off anything in The Good Life Collection from

  • I absolutely love the idea of this traveling dress! What an amazing and unique way to build community. Thanks for sharing! Xo

    • Such a lovely project – I didn’t really want to let it go! :)

  • That’s great, it’s like “Sisterhood of the travelling pants”. It must have felt really inspiring and intimate to wear the pinafore dress at work, that many of your friends have worn during their creative work! It’s gorgeous and I would love to get one. Though, it’s a bit out of my budget:(

    • Yes, it did feel like that, Kat! I loved wearing it – it has creativity woven into it’s shared fibres. It’s such a versatile wardrobe staple so well worth the investment for sure – Remember the discount code if you do decide to get one ;)

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Oh, I love this. Such beautiful photographs and the perfect way for that dress to spend its day with you. And yes, it is ALL about the pockets. xx

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Oh, I love this. Such beautiful photographs and the perfect way for that dress to spend its day with you. And yes, it is ALL about the pockets. xx

    • Fill em up – even room in there for a sneaky biscuit! :)

  • Love have you’ve styled it all! And your definition of the good life so resonates with me! Absolutely enjoying it now!

    • thank you Belinda – have fun with the lovely dress! :)

  • It looks beautiful (and so does this this mini succulent in the first picture!) :)

    • Thanks Sarah – that one was a rescue case – the cat severed the top so I transplanted the top rose to safety in a new pot :)

  • What a wonderful idea!