Greenhouse series Megan Boltz Love this new series of photo prints that Megan Boltz has created for the Home Ground. These images were originally shot for Brittany’s Greenhouse jewelry collection, and are now available as beautiful prints along with Megan’s two other series, Water and Air Born. The prints start at $18 for a 4×6 and are available in three other sizes. With spring long overdue the world over, this series is the perfect way to bring color and greenery into your home.Greenhouse series Megan Boltz I fell head over heels for this greenhouse the moment Brittany shared some sneak peeks on her blog, back when her jewellery collection was just being put together. The soft colours, all those different greens, plants and a light that seems so magical and calming, just like a place you might read about in a Sarah Addison Allen novel. I like them all but think the full length views of the whole space will look perfect hanging on our walls.Greenhouse series Megan Boltz

  • Nana Diana

    Beautiful photos. I love that first one- looks like a perfect chandy for hanging outside-xo Diana