Grey jumper inspirationA fruitless shopping trip turned into a wardrobe epiphany this week when I was out and about in Central London with my friend Judith, although she may have been at the end of her tether and exhausted by my quest to find a winter coat, I had a break through. I left without a coat but a huge wish-list that only included grey sweaters. Colour – I love, I buy, I don’t wear. I have too many clothes (not that many in comparison to some) but plenty for someone who is always trying to embrace a simpler life with less decisions and the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Enter the grey jumper. I touch every one and admire it’s individual virtues each time I hit the high street, when I do break free of my joggers and sweatshirt when working from home, this is my garment of choice. I have a few including a slouchy River Island number that has well earned a gold star in my daily life – I wear it with jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts . . . My serious romance with grey started about nine years ago with the Farrow and Ball paint chart and has only gained momentum. This colour suits me, I feel confident wearing it and I can add as much colour as I like with accessories when the mood suits me.

When starting the serious beginnings of a capsule wardrobe you have to have a starting point and for me this is it. Start with a signature piece and then build around it. Over the next few weeks I will think more on the other essential things that work around my central cog – The Grey Sweater. Are you a leather jacket fanatic? or a jean addict? Do you have an item or colour of clothing that you are always drawn to when out shopping?

The grey knit is my favourite piece of clothing, I am equally attached and drawn to it as Karl Largerfeld is to his black suits white shirts and fingerless leather gloves. If I cleared all the crazy and unworn right out and this was the main simple understated substance of my wardrobe it would surely make dressing every morning an easier task and I’ll never clash with my interior decor!

For all of you fellow grey lovers I have scoured the rails and pulled out enough understated grey beauties to last three weeks!
Simple grey fashion jumpersAbove Wool Blend Batwing Jumper – Jigsaw, Big Sloppy Jumper – Hush, Fine Wool Long Sleeve Top – Toast, Short Sleeve Sweater with Embossed Polka-dot – Mango, Draped Cashmere Pullover  and Draped Cashmere Tee – Toast and Cashmere Oversized Jumper – Hush.evening wear grey jumpersAbove Cashmere Colour Block Sweater – Jigsaw, Leopard Print Pintuck Cardigan – Mango, Minako Mesh Jumper – All Saints, Scoop Neck Sequin Jumper (top) – Laura Ashley, Sequined Metallic Sweater – Mango,  Fair Isle Sweater – Toast and Star Appliqués Sweater – Mango.Detail grey jumpersCashmere Izzy sweater – Hobbs, Chunky Waterfall Cardigan – Hush, Char Boyfriend Jumper – All Saints, Boswyn Boucle Coatigan – Celtic Sheepskin, Fluffy Metallic Batwing Jumper – Jigsaw, Caitlin Cardigan – Hobbs and Lambswool Blend Dropped Hem Jumper – Jigsaw.

All images in the top collage can be found over here with links on Pinterest.

  • Brittany | The Home Ground

    Jeska, I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one. It’s a current goal of mine to pare down what I don’t really wear in my closet, and only buy what really fits into my ideal style. I’m still figuring out what the means for me, but I’m ALWAYS buying and wanting to wear my grey and beige sweaters, and pairing my neutral basics with colorful accessories.

    Sounds like we’re in a similar boat! The hard part is not being swayed by what I see as cute on other people, only to buy it and never want to wear it, haha.

  • Candy Pop

    I’m always trying to cut my wardrobe, but it’s so difficult. Why do we hang on to things we don’t wear? I also love grey, and black, and jeans, and vintage dresses….

  • Sue

    A girl after my own heart. I own several (many) grey cardigans, jumpers and still feel the need to own more. I’m always drawn to them and only last week I bought a beautiful sweater that I got home and realised I owned one that was (almost) identical. Oh well. They’re practical and versatile as well as gorgeous.

  • Josie Crafter

    Hi Jeska
    Ooooh how wonderful ! I do love this collection of grey knitwear. I’ve spent all my adult life avoiding the colour grey – it was my school uniform colour, way back when. But in recent months I’ve been drawn to it. Firstly drawn to grey painted furniture, pale grey interior walls, and now to grey clothes. If I’d been asked a year ago – I’d have said I’d never want grey in my life! But, here it is, creeping in. And the thought of a soft, slouchy wear-with-everything grey jumper or cardigan – well, I’d love that!
    The capsule wardrobe – yes! I still hanker after that decision free thing … and in many ways I’m almost there.
    Wishing you the softest of greys and the simplest of wardrobes,
    Thank you for your unending inspiration xx

  • Helen

    Too funny! I’ve been working on the very same quest: the capsule wardrobe. Pinterest has helped a lot, as it’s allowed me to hone my style without spending a penny. I notice myself pinning certain items again and again (small, yellow, crossbody bag; slouchy, camel sweaters; moto boots; layered necklaces; etc.). Here’s my board: After seeing some patterns in what I was pinning, I took to the stores, internet and in-person, and began purchasing (slowly) some of the things I knew I adored. I’ve had no buyer’s remorse since! And I’m wearing everything I own (it helps that I sold off piles of unworn clothes to the consignment shop and donated some to Salvation Army). I’d love to see more posts about your capsule wardrobe, as you develop it. This topic is fascinating to me. xx