The Perfect Little Shelf My most pinned item, surprisingly not a frothy frilly dress or something glittering with a thousand sequins. It’s almost as though if I don’t have enough saved copies of these images to cling to, the flicker of love for these simple little shelves might get snuffed out. Well after smiling swooning and multiple re-pinnings. I found a very similar, perfect little shelf to hang next to our kitchen table. So our salt, pepper, oil and vinegar can now all be housed out of the way but close at hand. I will share my find soon once it has been dusted down and tended to.

Left image from This is Naive’s Postcards from Tokyo #19, Right image I Ran the Wrong Way-A Trader of Good Finds.

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    I love finding something similar to favourite pins, it was the reason I began pinning in the first place and has helped me figure out my own sense of home decor and introduced me to some great ideas. Looking forward to seeing your version of the shelf, both examples above are lovely