When I used to run a lighting shop, (which seems so long ago now) I was always asked, for industrial style lights and they were like gold dust, and really you need these things to be original and slightly worn to get the proper feel. So the husband is super excited about this find. When we can finally move a man up our living quarters, he will be all over these reclaimed, retro and salvaged light fittings from Cornwall based Skinflint Design.And it’s not all about him, I would love to use some bulk heads for wall lamps in the hallway or bathroom and these English factory lights in the kitchen. I do love our apartment but I am just so excited to start a new project, and I don’t think I’d have any trouble blending these in with our other things.Their newest finds include historic retro medical lighting, including converted heat lamps, medical inspection lamps and an optometrist’s light box, which have been salvaged from hospitals, dentists and opticians across the UK and restored. I just hope they have some left by the time we need them!

  • http://littletree-blog.blogspot.com rebecca

    I love old light fixtures, well I just love lights, I have 3 anglepoise lamps all salvaged from car boots, they’re so beautiful yet practical!x

  • http://www.spoonfulzine.com thea

    ooh yes, love those… very industrial-cool :)

  • http://seaangels.blogspot.com lynn

    well found I love this sort of lighting as some relief from tooooooooo much feminine sweetness. fabulous…

  • http://www.gonethrifting.blogspot.com Jil Casey

    I really like industrial lighting too (and industrial decor). And you’re right, they add that time worn appeal that you can only get with age.