Hello again, I have a question-Just where would you choose to sit in this lovely room? At the vintage style table on a worn painted chair, on the antique rattan day bed wrapped up in the beaded silk throw, or in the linen upholstered chair by the glittering fire place? As in the kitchen there is so much to see in this room, the back wall papered with a lace design by Louise body, the delicate fairy like wall sconce by the same designer as the kitchen chandelier, simple curtains made from dust sheets but transformed with layers of vintage lace.Scattered around are posy’s of pink hydrangeas on the hearth, side board, and table, a perfectly tarnished mirror, other treasured items peep through the glass doors of a pretty blue cupboard.The cherished top tier of a christening cake balances precariously atop a gothic candlestick, alongside another collection of vintage books and behind is a mixed media collage by a local artist. Below a handmade scarf of tulle and velvet flowers (1 of 3) Joyce commissioned, hangs over the back of the rattan day bed/sofa. Moving round the room I spy vintage style labels that have been faded and worn then adhered to the glass windows of the screen that sits in the bay window and a crystal chandelier that would make Lady Havershan proud softly glistens in the middle of the ceiling, and that is the living room. Love it? Coming back tomorrow evening for the bedroom? I hope so.

  • Liz

    Wow. Just beautiful.

  • http://www.juliasbookbag.com/ Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    This lovely home looks straight out of a movie set, don’t you think?? I could really see this setting in a film of some sort! That mirror above the black fireplace is heavenly!

  • http://sea-angels.blogspot.com lynn

    Hope she is an interior designer..if not she should be…fabulous and so unpretentious….love it all
    Lynn xxx

  • http://www.inverleith.blogspot.com kath

    Amazing. Reminds me of something Virginia Woolfe would imagine, or indeed somewhere she would sit with her sister and be creative. Bloomsbury toned down!

  • robbie & paul

    Joyce has a very clever way of creating a vintage inspired interior, and an excellent eye for detail, a truly inspirational designer. Would love to meet her.
    Robbie and Paul xx

  • http://www.rosiesarmoire.co.uk Helen

    Absolutely beautiful. Thankyou for sharing this wonderful home. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Jeska

      Thanks Helen, very excited to see your comment, I was admiring the pretty things you make at the country living spring fair :)

  • http://www.biancasnow.com/blog bianca

    Wow I have looked at these photos over and over! Love the lace walls.

  • http://chocolateshoesandcoffee.blogspot.com/ miss bliss

    Love that weathered white table and chairs set… fabulous!

  • http://www.teaforjoy.blogspot.com Lynne, Tea for Joy

    Love that lace wallpaper!