Healthy Blueberry pancakesHappy Sunday lovelies. We totally missed out on pancake day here last year, so I am making up for it this time around. I have been trying out all different flavours but came back around to this american favourite. I love maple syrup with my pancakes (and most things if I’m honest) so I adjusted a classic recipe to create these healthy blueberry pancakes. Made with natural sugars from banana and maple with a vanilla kick and dusting of yummy toasted coconut! Keep reading for the full recipe, have a wonderful Shrove Tuesday! xHealthy Blueberry pancake recipeHealthy Blueberry pancake recipeHealthy Blueberry pancake recipeHealthy Blueberry pancake recipeHealthy Blueberry pancakesHealthy Blueberry pancakesHealthy Blueberry pancakesThese even have our little Wallis cat’s seal of approval xHealthy Blueberry pancakesHealthy Sugar Free Blueberry pancakes.

1 1/2 cups organic soy milk

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

1/2 a mashed banana

1 tbsp maple syrup

2 cups self-raising flour (can be substituted for Gluten Free flour)

1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

25g coconut oil melted

3 tablespoons of toasted desiccated coconut

Maple syrup to pour over

Preheat oven to a warm heat, around 120 degrees, and pop a plate inside to store the finished pancakes while you are cooking the rest.

Whisk milk, egg, vanilla, banana and maple syrup together in a bowl.

Sift flour and bicarbonate of soda into a separate bowl and make a well in centre.

Add the egg mixture and whisk until just combined.

Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat and brush with coconut oil. Pour about a 1/4 cup of mixture per pancake into the pan (1 or 2 at a time) and drop a few blueberries onto the wet batter. Cook for about 3 minutes until bubbles appear on surface, then flip and cook for a further 3 minutes or until cooked through. Transfer to warm plate. Repeat with remaining mixture, brushing the pan with coconut oil between batches.

Serve with maple syrup poured over, dust with toasted coconut and a few scattered blueberries. Enjoy!

Healthy Blueberry pancakes

  • MissLilly

    Yummy!!! These photos make my scrambled eggs breakfast look really sad :)

    • ooh no, I love scrambled eggs! :)

      • MissLilly

        me too! but that’s my weekend breakfast, it’s not something as photogenic to photograph hahahaha :)

  • These look AMAZING! And can’t blame Wallis, I’d be up close having a sniff too! :)

    • She was very good, luckily neither of them have ever taken a shine to human food ;)

  • These sound delicious. I haven’t heard of vanilla bean paste before, do you know where I could buy it? x

    • Hey Emma! Yes it’s usually in Tesco, Sainsburys or Holland and Barrett, like essence but it’s a thicker gel. You can use essence too or a fresh vanilla pod x :)

      • Thanks Jeska, I’ll hunt some down, but in the meantime I’ll try with essence x

  • Oooh those look and sound delicious! Inspiration for tomorrow – I’m thinking a 3-course pancake feast!

    • Yes Abi!! A french style crepe, american style and a savoury pancake! – feta and rocket are delicious!

  • This looks so yummy! I am always in search of grain free pancake recipes. I will definitely be trying this one!