I’m here, I’m alive. Sorry to just disappear, I have been detoxing and de-cluttering our home, selling things at a local flea market organised by Rose, (which I hope we will have again). I am working most days at the moment, a new job keeping my husband and friends distribution company’s website up to date while they move to an exciting new site. I’m still in Butlers two days a week, ending soon, then I should be working in London for four days a week in a pop up shop and bar from mid April to June.

The rest of the time I have been taking in the new season with walks around the local area, trying to make friends with my real camera again, cooking epic meals, taking part in my sisters yummy cookie swap, getting tattooed, hanging and running with the husband and playing fetch at 5am with the naughty tigers. Also having way too much fun with my Instagram app. I will post a link to all my pictures in the side bar soon. But how rude of me, how are you, what’s new? Have you been enjoying the sunshine here? I just want to be out doors all the time when it is like this. xxx

  • Suzanne

    Jeska you are so lucky, it’s raining here in Manchester!!
    You sound like a busy bee,enjoy the time away from the computer. I am enjoying just relaxing for the Easter hols (even if it is raining…) x

    • Jeska

      Oh no! wishing your sky a quick recovery back to sun too Suzanne, have a wonderful break with your family, happy Easter! x

  • Kathryn

    Hi J, good to catch up on your news, all those jobs sound so interesting and varied, especially the pop up shop!
    Thank you for doing the banner :)
    And wasn’t the sun so lovely last week. Rain lashing against my window as I type so no more garden days for the time being, I hope the warmth can return soon it was so lovely to be outside & see all the flowers on those days
    Love kat xxx

    • Jeska

      thank you Kat and you are welcome, I have my fingers crossed that the sunshine returns for you soon x

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Sounds like a fabulously busy time for ya (and I’m loving your snaps, especially of the little tiger face) – a pop up shop sounds amazing.

    Manchester is all kinds of cold and raining at the moment, awaiting the sun’s imminent return. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ve been spoiled by the gorgeous weather and now it all seems so unfair ;) xxx

  • Patrice

    Wonderful to see you back! Sounds like although you’ve been busy, you’ve been having a wonderful time. What did you get tattooed? I’m looking to get a couple of new ones once the weather warms up a bit here.