Inspiration boardHow was your weekend? Ours was filled with friends, dinners, boot fairs, table sales, junking and finally finishing the home office makeover! Here are a few pics of the room from rubble to a working space. No wallpaper but I am sure you saw that coming, I just couldn’t choose and we needed to get using the room so it’s all white walls for now.Building a home officeAt first as always the space looked disturbing and beyond un-inhabitable. Floor boards ripped up, joists replaced and insulation stuffed in every draughty nook, to keep this the coldest room – cosy! After the floor went back down I painted it black with Little Greene Jack Black floor paint (excuse the outfit!).Under floor insulationSalvage yard DiscoveriesThe walls got a repaint in white. Then we were off to gather up all the bits to make the room a working space. A quick bit of sawing at the salvage yard – so the lovely old bit of wooden floorboard we chose for a shelf above the desk would just fit in our van! I love it’s knots and markings and there is the odd old copper nail along the surface too, it has real character.Reclaimed wood shelfIkea Home Office fittingsWe took a trip to Ikea to get a work top, trestle legs and some drawers to keep desky things in. A couple of simple white shelves went above and a vintage frame turned into memo board. The husband is very happy to be getting some good hours out of his beloved drill and other tools!Shelves and DIY PinboardVintage Anglepoise LampToo excited to wait he was already settling in while I still had to clean up and paint this old cupboard from a vintage market in Hastings Old Town. Vintage cupboard Makeover From dingy dirty yellow and green to black with white inside. I polished up the lovely old green bakelite handles and with a lot of patience screwed the doors back on. Now it is stuffed with all kinds of craft materials and more.Eclectic storageAbove is not quite there yet a bit more tidying to get done and I thought I’d share this hideous image below with you of all my stuff strew about the place before we re-housed it all in the drawers and cupboards. Ewwww what a mess!Moving in!Vintage and Eclectic desk spaceNow it looks like this with all my bits and bobs layered up and within arms reach. Below you can see the contrast between my side and his! Making sure none of my colourful mess spills over the line onto his territory will be tough but I may install a Washi tape boundary line to keep myself in check.His and Hers shared desk idea I hope you like it, of course it will always be a work in progress, evolving all the time – we need a better chairs to stop from hunching over – something with wheels so I can glide across that ebony floor with ease! :)Vintage storage jars

  • http://www.apartmentapothecary.com Katy at Apartment Apothecary

    It’s all beautiful, Jeska. Love the wooden shelf and all your bits and pieces on the shelves are perfect! Feeling inspired :)

    • Jeska

      Yay thank you Katy!

  • http://www.rosalilium.com Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    I love it! The mini shelf above the desk is a great idea. And the final picture is probably how it would like if the boyf and I shared one long desk, ha!

    • Jeska

      It’s fun and scary sharing Elizabeth, I always had a messy room all to myself before and now I have a neat freak in my domain! haha

  • http://www.juliasbookbag.com Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Jeska, I adore this! Now please tell me — how is the Ikea worktop anchored/situated?? Is it just placed on top of the file cabinets I saw? Or is it drilled into the wall?

    • Jeska

      Yay thanks Melissa, it is just rested on top of two trestle legs (one at each end) and the set of drawers in the middle, the clever Ikea bods make them all the perfect height :)

  • http://Candypop.uk.com Candy Pop

    It’s wonderful!

    • Jeska

      Thank you Natasha, loving your new blog layout!