With the advent of fine weather, thoughts often turn to refreshing home décor – it’s amazing how sunlight streaming through windows can show up those patches of worn carpet or fading paintwork. A favourite place to start redecorating your home is the bedroom: not least because it can be easy to transform on a limited budget. To get the inspirational juices flowing, Allianz Your Cover has a few ideas for redecorating your bedroom on a budget:
Blue and white decor– Fresh ideas for the walls – changing the colour of your walls can transform the look of a room and, depending on the effect that you want to achieve, can create the sense of a snug and cosy room or a spacious one with bright, light colours. Blue and white is a favourite for this year and, with a few decorative pieces to fit with marine blue walls and perhaps a striped blue-and-white throw on the bed, you will have entirely changed the look of your bedroom. Search online for creative decals and design your own patterns ranging from abstract shapes to flower and leaf shapes.
Hand Painted furniture– Sprucing up furniture with a coat of paint provides a new feel to a room. Painted wood furniture always looks great in a bedroom, whether a side table, wardrobe or chest of drawers. Search local flea markets and eBay for cheap wooden furniture that would look great painted in the colours of your choice and, if you want to be ambitious, you might try some special techniques like distressing or sponging and stippling. There are plenty of specialist books advising on how to get the best effects.
Muslin Curtains– Window dressing with generous swathes of muslin, or playing with contrasting patterns and colours for valance and curtains, can start you on a creative journey of transformation for the rest of your bedroom. Luckily some of the supposed rules of good taste have been long forgotten, liberating the home decorator to experiment with exuberantly different and contrasting fabric designs and colours.
Plants Indoors– Going green with the introduction of houseplants is supposed to be good for you (as long as you’re not subject to allergies) by generating oxygen and removing toxins from the air that you breathe when sleeping – and they also look great. A graceful weeping fig positioned in a dull corner or a small fern on a bedroom table can create a whole different feel to the room.
Wooden floors and sheepskin– Flooring makes a major difference to the overall design of a room. If you know that you have a solid wood floor underneath your present carpet, consider getting rid of worn floor covering and stripping and staining the floorboards. A bedside sheepskin rug will provide a cosy landing for bare feet in the morning.
Faux Head board inspiration– If you’ve always longed for an antique bed but have never been able to afford one, consider faking it! Paint an ornate wooden headboard on to the wall behind the bed, and complement with silk shawls and patchwork throws on the bed itself.

I hope this has inspired you, which of these ideas would you try?!

Finally, don’t forget in all the excitement of redecorating to check that your home and contents insurance is up to date. If you are replacing major items like a bed or wardrobe for instance, you want to be quite sure that the value of your new furniture is covered in your current policy.

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  • fenn

    love this post, i’ve been itching to do something with my bedroom but don’t have the funds to do anything major so this is perfect!! might have a go at painting my chest of drawers, it definitely needs some TLC.


    • Jeska

      Such fun things, do let me know if you try any and post any pics, I will come by to see and share!

  • Nana Diana

    I like this post a lot. I really need to do something new in our bedroom. It is nice but I am longing for some change. There are several really cute ideas here-xo Diana

    • Jeska

      Thanks Diana, I am loving the head boards, thinking I will try that one out in our guest bedroom!