How has your week been, did you enter my giveaway yet? These days for us it’s all about hanging out with the tigers and serving things in blue and white bowls. I warn you now, theres a high chance I may never eat from a different coloured piece of crockery again.The tigers help me un-make the beds-mostly by getting under the fitted sheets and wrestling, stare at seagulls for hours on end, chew all my baskets, hog my favourite blanket, have big sleeps wherever they fancy, get their claws caught in the radiator and cause me to cry in distress after another rescue. Marlo is a real kamikaze moggy and Wallace is a bit of a dunce, not sure I want to eventually let them go out into the big wide world.Whilst I consider their freedom, I eat the first minted cherries of the summer, snack on pretzels and adapt friends recipes to suit my larder. All served in blue and white-enamelware, tunisian ceramics and sweet little-cheap as chips chinese tea cups just 49p from Wing Yip! I was once told that those little beads of light in the cups were grains of rice, does anyone know if that is in fact true?

Look at those faces, clearly they have no idea about the concern and heart break they cause each time one of them gets in to trouble.

I am going to be back later to announce the giveaway winner and then take a week or so off from blogging to try and make some things, sort out my Etsy shop and as the weather report is looking good have a few days of Summer. Enjoy your first week of July and I hope I will see you back here around the 12th x

  • http://www.livingvintage.co.uk Elizabeth

    Hi Have a great break we will miss you and your fabulous blog !! new fan!!
    I know its hard with new tigers but it will get easier except for bed making !!!!!!
    with love

  • http://happyholidays-blog.blogspot.com/happyholidays.ca Len Bentham

    Those little beads of light in the cups are not grains of rice. Grains of rice are pressed into the wet clay surface and from what I was told are burned out during the first firing. They are then dipped in glaze and fired again. The glaze covers the holes creating those translucent windows.

  • http://saladandsequins.com/ Tamizn

    Awwwwwww their little faces light up my day x x

    • Jeska

      you ARE their favourite x

  • http://www.juliasbookbag.com/ Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    I had to take my little tiny tiger to the vet today — she has an eye infection that she’s pretty much had since birth :( She’s only 5 months old! I’ll be sad not to have new L&S posts for a bit but that will give me time to go through your back archives . . . Happy July to you and the little tigers!

    • Jeska

      oh no Melissa I am sorry to hear that :(

      I hope she will be back to herself soon, poor little miss, I say I’ll be away but have already written two posts since then lol

      Try and have a good weekend x

  • Carla

    I have a dark grey panther and she seems to think that it’s her job to unmake the bed and, indeed, that it’s our very “special” morning game. It drives me nuts. But the expression on her face when she races in to scurry messily under the sheets is so happy and excited that I end up feeling like an overly neat grump.

    Enjoy your days off!