vintage pin boardI am really enjoying this home of ours at the moment, the sun streams in all day, and I can just about see outdoors through the increasing jungle that our tomato plants have formed. Home officeAway from all that sunshine though, I have been seeking out the quiet beauty in the darker corners and windowsills of this little house. The bigger rooms are filled with boxes in places and tools for renovating, so it’s these small areas pictured here that keep me calm and collected when everything else is upturned.SucculentsPlants, keep me sane, the office keeps me on track and finding beauty in this keeps me content. What space in your home means the most to you? vintage ceramicsWindow Sill Styling

  • It is my kitchen windowsill – where I see clusters of the outside/garden collected and captured in vases on the sills and the contentment of watching the birds live quite contently in pockets of the garden. I could spend hours watching the view from the window like a good Saturday afternoon film on the tv…

    • Jeska

      Sounds beautiful Vicky, I’m loving the outdoors too, so much more since we moved here.

  • Flat Track Coffee is right down the street from me. SO fun to see a bit of Austin in your photos! :)

    • Jeska

      Lucky you, Jessica! My husbands supply has run out now :)