Instagram Palette PinkIt’s time for my Instagram colour palette of the month – Just lately I have been spying pinks everywhere, a blush exterior here, a hot pink door there, it crops up on fading blooms, and my interior inspiration. It really is the most cheerful colour you will ever see. I was told at college by one of my tutors that pink in all it’s joyous shades actually gives your brain the same feeling as sunbeams streaming in to your eyes?! So no blue mondays here just blush pink ones every week ;)

  • Alina Isaev

    Super cute colours and collage :)

    I wish I could have more pinks at home but feel sorry for my other half hehe

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

    • Thanks Alina! Mine too, had the most feminine house last time around, I shoot the florals then take them down in this place haha! I would have loved a pink house but rustic and wood clad is on the cards next I think (almost a s good) :)

  • emilyquinton

    Pinks are always my favourite! xo