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Words for a new yearOur January days are sailing along, it’s frosty outdoors and the garden is asleep. Nothing to be done there for a while. We have got our lounge to the stage where folk need to come in to help. The wall is down, the kitchen removed, the bathroom semi-demolished. The fire is being fitted (right now) and a plasterer needs to be recruited. We have finally been forced into one working room, with all our plants one comfy chair and one cat.Laine MagazineThe other cat has chosen solitary confinement in the bedroom. Away from all the drilling and hammering. Even with all the renovations, this month has been calmer. Gathering our thoughts and ideas for the shop and having a spare hour here and there to catch up with friends. Taking time to relax and read a page or two of some of the books and magazines – we have stacked up all over the house. Laine is my new favourite thing. Bookshelves are top of the storage wish list.Taking down interior walls Under siege in the office!I am having fun searching for quotes to compliment the seasons and months of the year. Popping them up on my letter board to keep me inspired. Chaos with plants feels jungle like and not too overwhelming, although my computer screen is partially obscured by a homeless fern right now.Two of my lovesFresh air walks have taken us to the local beach and reclamation yard, I fell in love with painted and peeling fireplaces, no need for one in the house but maybe for the garden? I had tried to find one last spring that was small enough to put in the tea shed, but no luck.Low tide at Pett Level East Sussex Reclamaition yard treasure We take turns to put our feet up in the comfy chair, Wallis sometimes graces a lap with her presence. But mostly she just meows until we let her have the whole chair to herself. It is a battle of wills. Sometimes she retreats to the box of odd packing paper scraps instead. I hope your week has treated you well? We’re off to get some logs for the fire! xWallis cat

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