COLLAGE COLLECTION, The first ten days of operation, paper control are complete. A sad day last Friday when three years worth of World of Interiors magazines were butchered and the remains fed into the huge paper recycling bin at the tip. But with all my favourite pages saved and a some space freed up on our shelves, it feels like a little weight has been lifted, I do love a new years clear out.So here are some pages of this years collage book, Wally was determined not to quit her lounging on my new table, so I am afraid she is along for the whole picture set.
How has your year started? Sorry it has been so quiet around here, but with tidying my workroom, helping a friend de clutter two rooms in her house, a baby shower (not mine!) a birthday party to organise, some work and play, I have been busy everywhere but here.But now I am back and super excited to resume more regular posting, full of energy and wanting to make things to share with you x

Before you go, what are your thoughts on picture 4? We had a semi dark bedroom when we first decorated, and for now have bright white walls, but I do so love this dark moody bedroom for our next house.

Images old and current collected from Red, Vogue, Elle, Elle Decoration, Country Living UK, World of Interiors, Country homes and interiors, Coast, Living Etc magazines, and Plumo, toast, Noa Noa, Hoss Intropia catalogues plus some sunday papers etc x

  • http://gettingitswoonworthy.blogspot.com Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    These pics are all the better-er with the inclusion of kitty. I love it when they tuck their little paws underneath themselves. You are so organised, I wish I could get off my arse and do something like your fabulous collage books but instead, I’ll just admire yours from afar and live vicariously via your organisation.

    As for dark interiors – well, I’m probably not the best person to ask because I do love them and would probably paint my entire house in dark colours if my other half would let me (he wouldn’t). So I say, go for it. It makes the room so cozy and all your accessories and furniture just pop off the dark background. Yum yum.


    • Jeska

      I will let her know :) thanks for the dark wall encouragement! The husband is on board too, now we just wait until we can move house, no point here, I think the white is better for selling? Very excited and hoping to move this year!!

  • http://www.designnotebook.co.uk Designnotebook

    What a nice post and your car is very photogenic ;-)


  • http://foreverpetite.net Jennifer

    Looks very good!

  • http://etre-soi.blogspot.com sofia

    Oh that kitty is so cuuuute :) I would also need some declutter here, this morning I realized I have so much of everything (clothes, art materials and magazines) and no space anymore.
    As for the dark bedroom I love it, for a bedroom I think we don’t really need it to be full of light, it is just a cosy place and just like you I’m dreaming of moving this year and I would love to have a wall on my bedroom of a storm blue (my new favorite color).

  • http://littletree-blog.blogspot.com rebecca

    There is nothing like a good clear out! And I feel your pain at destroying 3 years worth of magazines! I had to do that last year but I really enjoyed going through them all again to save the best bits…aww your tiger is sooo cute and very helpful…x

  • http://lemondeesthetique.blogspot.com/ Victoria

    love it love it love it!
    thanks for sharing, Jeska!

    I can’t believe how amazing and beautiful these images are… so well combined. Excellent. Keep up with the good work, girl! ;-)


  • http://www.beedesigns.co.uk Sue

    There’s some beautiful images there.

    I love dark bedrooms for their cosey feeling on cold winter nights but bright rooms seem so much nicer in the summer. I’ve been wanting to decorate my bedroom and I’m thinking of going for light-ish walls and then cosey the room with dark bedding and furry throws and cushions, that way in the summer I can change it and bring in the lighter accessories.

  • http://isidoravujosevic.blogspot.com/ Isidora

    nice collection. on photo nr. 4, i like more the left one.

  • Carol

    Wow, what an inspiring blogger you are! I found your website/blog a couple of weeks ago, it is absolutely beautiful. Love your idea of scrap-booking your magazines, I do a similar thing but I have lots of bits in a box, they have yet to make it into a scrapbook!! Also love both bedrooms on page 4, but the white one is quite cool.. good for a south facing bedroom… May be too chilly for north facing one?

    Glad I found you!

  • http://blogesteix-chandeliers.blogspot.com/ Madeleine

    Well done you for tackling a magazine clear out, and cats are so helpful with all things to do with paper activities. My excuse with my pile of World of Interiors is that they are insulation as they’re against an outside wall. I got rid of some last year but it was tough.
    I’ve had dark rooms and loved deep colours BUT I always ended up painting over them in a light colour as a desire for light burned through. I do have a warm but not too dark orange up to waist height on my bathroom walls, above that is white, because it’s so cold in there and the colour makes it feel warmer and cosier but still it’s bright.

  • http://www.suearranflowers.com Sue A

    I love your kind of paperwork, I must try and get my act together and fillet the back issues of Coast, Homes & Gardens etc in a similar fashion. Am very much enjoying some of the new online mags though, Heart Home in particular, which I think I found through one of your posts; easier on the environment perhaps…. Other favourites are Sweet Paul, Est and Covet Garden. Re no.4, I like the scandinavian painted board look, but there is something lovely about dark mysterious colours too. Happy 2012.