To pale the image of my waking up this morning and being faced with eyes like alice cooper (I could have sworn I got all that mascara off!) I have been exploring pretty things to cheer winter necks and wrists, I adore these beautiful necklaces and bracelets by Brittany Broas of The Home Ground shop.
With the “importance on showcasing each stone, pearl and bead.” Brittany designs each piece with the intention of complementing, not overpowering, your natural beauty. The other pictures here are of her wonderful supplies stored neatly in her workshop. You can always catch up with Brittany on her Facebook page where she has more inspiring studio shots, and up to date news on current and future collections.I hope you woke up with your natural beauty intact unlike me! x

All images The Home Ground.

  • http://abuncandance.blogspot.com Denise @ A Bun Can Dance

    Dear Jeska
    Thank you for the link to Brittany’s website – the jewellery is totally exquisite and exactly the kind of thing I love. So really, I shouldn’t be thanking you for the link as I’ll be tempted now!
    Have a lovely Friday – and weekend!
    Denise x

  • http://www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.com Kat

    Such pretty beads, I shall have a look at Brittany’s site
    Thanks for the card too Jeska
    Love Kat x

  • http://www.teacupscupcakes.blogspot.com Becky

    Oh beautiful!

  • http://thehomeground.com Brittany

    Jeska, I have no idea how I missed this last week. I’m so glad I saw it today, though. Thank you so much for such a lovely post! You say it much better than I do :)

  • http://www.hardakerandpope.blogspot.com sarah

    beautiful beades and sparkles, i can’t stop buying them whenever i see some, i have a bagful with the intention of making lovely things but can’t seem to fashion them in to anything – i am now inspired….
    the new blog looks lovely, sorry it has taken me so long to leave a comment – i was being brainless!!
    thank you so so so much for the lovely feature, you have to choose your favourite toile or faded roses and i will send you some, i have just ordered lots of lovely line from my scottish weavers to print them on!!!
    sarah xx