The perfect fountain penYou might have seen that I have started my Record the Day posts again, I like to keep a creative reminder of my days this way, and for organisation I try to write daily lists in my diary for all the things I need to get done in a day. An attempt to stop my wandering and procrastinating! For this I use the beautiful Plooms Pen (I think I have mentioned them before) that I was given as a gift. So bright and colourful, each colour is inspired by a different person – excited by my favourites I have put together these little collages of a room and a treat that remind me of each pen. I have the ‘Miss Pickering’ Purple.
The perfect fountain pen

The perfect fountain penAll images can be found here – pink here and here, purple here and here, red here and here or all on my pinterest likes page.

  • Ouissi

    That pink pen is divine…almost as lovely as the red shoes ;)

  • Martha

    So good to see your Record The Day posts again. I really love them and find them very inspirational.

    • Jeska

      great to hear Martha, I do love putting them together every day x