Tiniest art show december 2011All things bright and beautiful, the last tiniest art show of 2011. The sun is shining in one half of the sky, the other half is clouding over with a menacing grey. After all the fun and games of Christmas are packed away we still need some colour inspiration to start a new year. With dark cold days yet to come, I think some acid brights, pinks, yellows and purples are called for.

1 rokbot print-The Art of A. E. Brown@Medusawolf, 2 Missoni Moment print-Jessica Illustration, 3 Constants of Motion-Groundwork, 4 Carousel France-Magalerie, 5 One minute pose-Gretchen Kelly Studio, 6 Afternoon tea-Schalle, 7 Orange Fox Purple Night-CCollier, 8 Sea Inside Waving Monster-Emma Kidd@Benconservato, 9 I See You-Yvonne Stewart@Coramantic, 10 Trapped in Amber-Jennifer Comstock@Print Maker Jenn, 11 Mother Bird-Elsita and 12 Russell-Tim’s Sally.

All images from the artists links above x

  • Schall Eszter

    Great finds!

  • theaxx


  • Eden

    Oooo love #4 :)

  • melissa blake

    ooooh, those are lovely!! :)

  • magalerie

    Beautiful selection!
    Thank you very much for including my carousel photo :)
    Best wishes for 2012.

  • The Dandelion Chronicles

    Great finds! Over at Tabitha Emma, I won the Carrousel Print from Magalerie, and I am very happy with it..

  • Sarah Hardaker

    Love the gretchen Kelly one. X

  • Naomi A.

    These are so stunning – I especially love the third painting!! Would not mind that hanging in my bedroom…