Apple Blossomvintage chandelierCow ParsleyTulipswallyMy little old Sony camera has gotten a few more days out lately. And I actually started to remember to take it with me, to places. So here are a few of my favourite pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Our apple tree finally burst into blossom and is so pretty. Everything that is making me happily lately seems to involve flowers, plants and gardening. I am completely in love with our outside space, even though I now have a rash up both my arms from bamboo removal and tree branch lopping. So I am just giving you a heads up that there may be lots of posts sharing my joy of the outdoors.

A sneaky blur of chandelier sparkles, I do miss ours so much, we are still bare bulbed here, but all the ceilings need to be peeled of their horrible wood chip or textured coverings, so no pretty lights for us yet.

Flowers flowers flowers, cow parsley and tulips to brighten the last few days of our dreary overdue Spring, and my precious little wallis, who doesn’t like her photo being taken but she does occasionally like to get up close to the lens.

  • found and sewn

    Lovely photos! I hope you are feeling at home in your new house x

  • Tamzin

    Too cute! x

  • Kat

    The blossom is beautiful! Sometimes instagraming can distract you from taking ordinary photos can’t it….I’m going to aim to remember to take both, once the flowers start coming through, I hope they do, all the lack of sunshine has certainly delayed everything a lot.

  • Jay

    I can literally (and I have) stare at plants and flowers all day long.
    Especially being that the growing season is now I am always pleasantly surprised by how fast they grow and stupidly excited for blooms!