Hello you, how have you been? Sorry about me, lets just call it a summer hiatus, I paused for work, afternoons with the tigers, lunching, spending time with my sister, drinking, laughing so much my sides hurt for days, and some quiet lazy days just for me. Probably the longest period of blog neglect ever for me, but I am not afraid to say it has felt good.I am returning to you on a day that at 8am is as dark as dusk, Billie Holiday plays quietly whilst a heavy grey sky spills relentless rain down into the streets, people whoop as their shoes fill with water and their hair gets soaked. Safe indoors I am going to light candles, do chores, drink coffee, finalise the details for our Christmas market and create some packaging for the charm pendants I have been making. It feels like Autumn is here, and with only a few more days until it is official, I find I really don’t mind that cardigan season is nearly upon us.

  • Kat

    Welcome back, missed you. Charm pendants & packaging – sounds irresistible :)
    It’s been dry here for a while, we actually saw blue sky and sunshine.
    But Im glad of my cardigans still. Never really stopped wearing them this year.
    New Plumo has gorgeousness in! And Rachel Ashwell stuff online at H of F yay!!
    Love kat xx

    • Jeska

      thanks for all the tips Kat! Feel like I’ve been away forever xxx

  • found and sewn

    I like the sound of your ‘lazy days’ off. It feels very Autumnal here too, but I quite like it.

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    SO glad you are back — I’ve very much missed your little oasis of beauty here….

  • UpGemini

    welcome back… so the tigers didn’t kidnapped you as I thought! :D