Vintage French PostcardsHappy Monday beautiful people, how was your weekend? Mine was quite inspired. I had a great time at the Summertime Curiosity Bazaar, met some lovely people, got shy, ate many cakes and sold nearly all my Liberty Lavender bags and hand made cards. Liberty Fabric PincushionsI have also been colouring my world with vintage french postcards and embroidered linens and as if that wasn’t enough joy in itself for this week, I found a way to get even more out of the tiny slivers of liberty fabric I have left over from my lavender bag making. Scaling down the recipe for a throw pillow from the lovely Granny Chic, I stitched them all together to make these plump and cheery little pincushions. I also hand water coloured a few lace motifs for the central decorations, before popping some quilting pins in the top. The hand cross stitched linen tray cloth in the background is a recent Ebay find that is so pretty, it now has pride of place on my giant chest of drawers.Hand Embroidered Tray ClothMy obsession with Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton has been raging within since I first stepped foot in the store aged 19 on a college trip to London, we were trusted to go to museums but I slipped away from the pack on a one girl excursion that led me to that incredible tudor building that was constructed from the timbers of two ships. Eyes wide with awe I wandered past beautiful clothes and glittering jewellery I couldn’t afford and finally found myself at home in the haberdashery. With fabric beyond my student budget I left with a fancy bag filled with some delicate silk ribbons and a big smile on my face. Now it is the shop I always beeline to when I am leaving the coast for a day and headed in to the city.Liberty Fabric PincushionsToday in my sewing basket I have a metre or so of  Tatum Blue Liberty Tana Lawn that has been in there for about 6 years, every now and then I use a little piece, but I do find it hard to cut. Buying smaller pieces seems to make it easier as someone else has done the hard part for me. Well, I don’t know about you, but all this talk has made me a little feverish to get up to London as soon as possible!Vintage French Postcards

  • Madeline

    Aw these pin cushions are so pretty! I can’t bare to throw away scraps of fabric either and pin cushions seem just the thing to make

  • Louise C

    Such lovely pincushions. I am with you on the ‘all things Liberty makes my heart sing’ front. I too make a beeline for it when I go to the big smoke ~ total heaven xx

  • Jeska

    lovely, Madeline, it’s such a nice feeling to create something from almost nothing!

  • Jeska

    I know Louise, if I wasn’t out in the sticks I’d be on a train now! haha

  • Ellya Brill

    Hi Jesska,
    We always create something at the same time.
    I too just finished 4 handmade pincushions just 2 days a go. I took many pictures but I have not posted yet. Your pincushion is so lovely, so cheery, sweet, colorful and adorable. I love one of them. Are selling them in your ETsy store? I want to buy one.


  • Zoe Power

    Oh they’re gorgeous! Such a fab idea – I will have to give it a go :)

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