Drank too much on Saturday night and recovery took longer than expected, but I feel back to normal thankfully. Today I’m Just trying to make the house more seasonal, after an almighty tidy up, digging my way to the bottom of the laundry bin while the husband is away, before he comes home with a suitcase sized refill, changing the bed, which makes the tigers go berserk, they have so much fun fighting through the layers, after Marlo slashed a big hole in the new sheets and mattress cover, I shut the bedroom door and moved on to the walls.Top was my favourite pin board before, and below the mantle this morning before I de-cluttered and swapped up the pictures. A couple of hours later and I’m definitely feeling a bit more cosy.I made a new Autumn collage, gathered some other bits and pieces from around the house, added some more old family photos and beautiful Dalit Candles and then set up camp on the sofa with a coffee and two very tired little cats. Happy Autumn little house. x

  • Herma

    Nice story!! And sooo beautiful pictures and idees!!
    Thanks a lot!!
    Lovely greets, Herma

  • Joy

    I LOVE your collage. It’s perfect.

  • Josie Crafter @ Homemade & Happy

    Hi Jeska
    The new arrangement looks beautiful – especially I love the yellow picture frame :-)
    Oh and the kitty photo – is there anything in the world cuter than a cat with a paw over his nose??
    Happy Autumn to you,

  • Apricots+Silk

    Oh, love, love, love these Autumn collages! I did a couple in my bedroom when I made it more warm for Fall and had so much fun picking photos.
    The photos you used are beautiful! What magazines/catalogues do you get with such lovely photos in them?


  • Kat

    This post is stock full of just my sort of inspiration, you know how I love mood boards too, but I haven’t done any for ages, seeing your fresh arrangements makes me want to get back into it.
    You can really tell that autumn is your favourite season, everything is so cosy and warm in your world. Thanks for sharing as always,
    Kat xox

  • rebecca

    I love the framed pinboard, so nice to change it for each new project or season, constant inspiration!x

  • melissa blake

    I hope you feel better — back pain is the worst!