With my old dolls house laying empty and in a bad way, I was wondering if I should start the epic project of giving it a makeover, and with charleston still stuck in my mind I wonder if that is the direction I should take? Also it will need some inhabitants as the original dwellers and their furniture are long gone. So I am searching for little people inspiration.First are these delicate creations by Hesta Singlewood, made from vintage fabrics, wire and muslin, Hesta constructs them in layers before dressing them in clothes and accessories, they also have arms that can out stretch to hold earrings or rings on your dressing table.Pictured above and both available from Selvedge dry goods, left-cloth dolls by Jess brown with their signature star stitched eyes and pretty clothes each is one of a kind and dyed in black tea over three days to create variations in skin tone, then dressed in handmade clothing made using antique, found and recycled remnants. On the right are Sveta Dresher’s dolls for Pip-Squeak Chapeau etc, dressed in simple outfits made with layers of lovely 100% natural yarns, linen and muslin fabrics from Sveta’s clothing line. Flutterby Fairies from The magpie and the wardrobe, I have featured them a few times here before but as new little ladies are always being posted in the shop I like to share the images before they are sold and replaced with more beauty. I had the joy of seeing some in a glass display in Liberty’s once a long time ago and it was a real treat. With their ruby red lips, tiny cardigans and oversized flower hats each one is completely unique and comes in a handmade box with a wand, I have never actually settled and bought one as I greedily would like them all!I love the delicate vintage, and slightly primitive style of Oregon based Christine Alvarado’s art dolls with their silk slips and 1920’s hair styles each one usually comes with a sweet accessory, past collections have included a beloved pet, fruit, lantern or glass dome. Available at Du Buh Du Designs. Dolls shown here are called Catrina Bride, Lenci, and Lucretia and Aesop. More images of Christina’s beautiful dolls can be seen here on her Flickr page.Finally these amazing dolls by by Marina Bychkova at Enchanted doll. Shown here are Young Cixi-the Dowager Empress of China and Echo – The Emperor’s Youngest Daughter. These just blew my mind the first time I saw them, all that detail, the tiny silver and gold jewellery and corset details, the skill and judging from these two posts alone, the patience of a saint!

All images belong to the artists linked above.

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  • Joan

    They’re all amazing, truly, but holy cow… Marina Bychkova is freakishly talented. Just visited her site – she is the most gifted doll-maker I’ve ever seen. Phew, took my breath away. Thanks for sharing.

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    oh. my. GOODNESS! Those dolls! I adore those Flutterby Fairies!! And the Chinese Empress dolls, I had no idea such dolls existed — they are Exquisite!!

  • Jeska

    Aren’t they great! All those details are unreal! and the flutterby’s are just so lovely from the other end of the scale simple but beautiful x