displaying plants indoorsPlants are taking over my world, as I’m sure you probably noticed. Our last home had lots of vintage things all over the shelves and surfaces, but in this house they are all slowly making way for more of my green friends. So with my green family growing every week I am always looking for new places to display and house the plants.

Different levels and groupings work best, so when my lovely friend Hollie added this perfectly rustic ladder to the garden section of her beautiful online shop Mia Fleur I had to have it! styling with plantsvintage plant potsEach shelf has been filled up with succulents of all sizes, cacti and trailing vines. Next week it will have all my baby plants in their nursery on the bottom shelf, both Hollie and I are recent joiners to the Urban Jungle Bloggers gang, so gardening indoors and out is pretty much on our minds all the time!Ladder for plantsPlants in the homedisplaying plants indoorsvintage plant potsI have also been collecting lots of different pots from all over the place (more on those next week), the rustic one with the delicate string of hearts garland is one of my favourites, it was a gift from a friend a few years ago and I have been trying to source some as equally rustic and tactile for ages – cue Hollie to the rescue again with her lovely white stone plant pots!!displaying plants indoorsI am forever re-arranging all our green things and love how the ladder can have groupings on each layer, plus my monthly magazines have also found a home on the biggest shelf, right next to my favourite chair. displaying plants indoorsdisplaying plants indoorsOn the walls we have some small antique apple crates with hanging planters, so we are all set for now. But, something tells me, we will need some more wall shelves in a few months! If you are looking for lovely accessories for your garden indoor or out, pop over and visit Hollie, and by the way – she also sells beautiful interior things too!Ladder for plants

  • I love your plant display and all your lovely pots. xx

    • Thank you Victoria, I am a little obsessed with finding unique pots now! :)

  • Myra Jean

    I absolutely enjoy this design and the design elements. The setting is perfect and the plantings receive plenty of light. The pots are gorgeous. I am always looking for rustic pots for my own plant collections. I like them much better than the “brand new”. The trailing vine accent is lovely.

    • Thank you Myra, I have so enjoyed growing and adding to my collection :)

  • Igor Josifovic

    I am screaming on the inside with joy, excitement and I am pinning away:-) WONDER-FULL!

    • Thank you Igor, this room does make me very happy too! :)

  • This looks just great – love the idea with the ladder!

  • Such a beautiful display! I would love to fill my home with indoor plants but sadly it doesn’t get enough light!

  • katie

    where did you find the ladder, it’s perfect!

  • collier

    Do you know the name of the heart-shaped vine? I can’t find it anywhere! Thanks in advance.

    • It’s called a string of hearts or a rosary vine :)

  • Best to ask the lovely Hollie over at :)

    • Kristin Hinch

      Thank you!

  • Deepti Sahoo

    They say the plants that we grow, always reflect our bond with them. Your plants look so healthy and good to go for a long time. It is really beautiful how you cherish them. Great Post. :)

    Deepti, DecorNation
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