12 special things I wrote this post in June 2010. A post about how we surround ourselves with too many possessions, so many things we don’t need, so many things that hold us in one place. Cupboards and boxes full of things I love but have no immediate use for. I was carefully considering, if I could only keep twelve items from my home to start over again, which twelve would I take? I’m talking personal possessions not clothes, people, pets (they are a given) just the useful, decorative and treasured.

12 special things With a house move definitely on the horizon this year, we are wondering, what do we really need? Special memories, warming cosy light, something to keep hands busy, family heirlooms. Things that mean something, things with a past life and a secret story. If I chose again now I would pick the same collection?

12 special things
Could you keep just twelve items? If you would like to play along for 2013 send me a link to your 12 things blog post, or if you are interested to see some past collections from my Lobster and Swan friends, (click the link scroll down the linked page to see some lovely treasures).


  • http://www.juliasbookbag.com/ Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Oh I really want to do this! I’m going to get thinking about it. Do Christmas ornaments not count in the 12 Things? And not books right? And not photos? Just little treasured items?

    • Jeska

      Hooray Melissa! you can include Christmas ornaments, books, pictures anything, just the 12 things that mean the most and that would be the beginnings of building new nest x

  • http://www.modernmural.com Juliane at Modern Mural

    What a great challenge for the new year. I would definitely keep pieces of artwork I have, especially this drawing of a blue feather my friend made for me as a wedding gift. It’s in a gorgeous brass frame, and he’s a great friend. It’s so special to me.

  • http://www.splendourandrouge@gmail.com Sarah

    I will get this happening cool idea. Thanks Jeska

  • http://josiecrafter.wordpress.com Josie Crafter

    Hello Jeska
    I remember this post you wrote, from way back when. It struck a chord with me then, and again now. I will certainly join in and find my twelve special things. It’s going to take a while to think about what they are, so I’ll let you know when I’ve got the collection together.

    Thank you for your email regards my blog link, I really appreciate it. I hope you are well and that the start of the year has been healthy and relaxing for you.

    Happy days to you,


  • http://thelunaticandtheswan.blogspot.com Alexis

    I pinned this to Pinterest so I could remember to do it later!

  • http://www.rosalilium.com Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    What a brilliant project. Sadly I won’t be able to take part as I have just moved house put most of my possessions in storage for the moment. Darn it.

    Looking forward to seeing more beautiful collections!