The paint is dry and only the shelves need to go up in the home office now, then it will be reveal time! So once my hand is fixed we will get out the tools again and make a start on our living room. After finding a copy of the John Lewis brochure in with my last issue of Living Etc, I decided to play the wish list game with the husband. A fun experiment to compare our different tastes then work out a way to combine them. I have a feeling the floral cushion will be an instant veto though!A feminine Living Room SchemeI am always looking for a soft cosy look when I choose living room furniture. Pale greys are my go to colours – livened up with cushions and layers of brighter accessories.
The items on my wish list are – the Berwick Sofa, soft on the eyes (and backside!) this couch and matching Snuggler just make you want to curl up and cosy down. The Designer’s Guild Octavia Cushion – I have been swooning over this pattern for ages, and if I can’t commit to the wallpaper a cushion will have to do. Some glowing light with the Iron & Clay Rustic Terracotta Candles – which will sit nicely on the Bowmore Log Side Table. Finally to tidy and hide my gathered paper and junk shop finds the Ebbe Gehl – Mira Bookcase with  built in tidy box. Candle light and rustic occasional furniture are always on my mind these days and I found a lot to love in John Lewis’s new ‘Croft Collection‘.A manly Living Room SchemeNow to share what he picked – the Gazelle Bookcase – almost identical to my choice so it will just be a colour haggle on the style of shelving! Matthew Hilton Metropolis Sofa – not as cosy but I must admit I do like it’s mannish lines. The Oliver Hrubiak Finn Side Table, with it’s mid century vibe and a magazine resting spot. Niki Jones Harlequin Cushion – Dean is not really a cushion lover so when pressed for an option I was pretty excited to see this, as I love Niki Jones! I am sure he would cull most of the cushion pile we have on our current couch given half a chance. Ebbe Gehl – Mira TV Stand – not for a TV as we don’t have one, but a super piece of storage. Lastly the Says Who – Why Coffee Table, simple functional design, enough said.4 of the best cushions for 2014I also found a few more cushions as I have a bit of an obsession, and just because I am not allowed any more, you might be! What is a living room without cuddly extras? Featured above are – La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Alice Liberty Cushion, Pyramids Cushion (a unisex one to tempt him), Harlequin Serene Cushion and Louise Body Pots Cushion.

So what do you think? Onboard with my slouchy, feminine greys or loving my mans MCM lines and functionality?

  • Tiffany Grant-Riley

    Annoyingly I left a rather in-depth comment on my way up to Suffolk for Easter…but I think the connection must’ve dropped :( So…my thoughts were that I LOVED the bookshelf, gold leaf votives (for obvious reasons) and table, but preferred Dean’s sofa and the Mira TV stand-although I think I’d use it as an ottoman in the bedroom had I room!
    And yes-I’m a huge Cerise Sur Le Gateau fan and love my cushions too. Rob doesn’t. It’s a man thing, surely? xx

    • Jeska

      I hate it when that happens, Tiff!

      I am liking your thoughts on this than you, in the end we will meld our favourites together I am sure, but with a few more cushions than he’d like!