My new favourite thing is finding time in the afternoons to snuggle down with my two new best friends and read.

On my March reading list . . . .
Cosy kitchen dreams, Chez Moi -Agnes Desarthe
Magical discoveries and inspiration, French General Treasured Notions -Kaari meng
Learning curve, The Happiness Project-Gretchen Rubin
Pretty and calm, Pale and Interesting -Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote
Clever ways with old things, Modern Vintage style -Emily Chalmers.

I am in love with the inside cover image from Modern vintage style (middle image), styled by Emily Chalmers and photographed by Debi Treloar.

Looks like Marlo gives all these okay too.

  • Sue

    Your little girls are just beautiful. It makes me want more kittens, however I don’t think my two cats would be very impressed at their age with crazy kittens pestering them.

  • Brittany

    Your kitten is soooo sweet! What is his/her name? I saw “Pale and Interesting” at the library the other day and thought about getting it. I’ll definitely have to next time I’m there. Have a lovely weekend!

  • iHanna

    great reading list, though I don’t know how you can read with that kitten by your side? What a cutie!

  • Jo

    My favourite is the last photo. Your kitten is obviously exhausted after reading all those wonderful books. :-)

  • Elizabeth@rosalilium

    awww….cute kittens! I must not look for long or I will start pining for some of my own.

  • scott twins

    We’ve been reading your blog for a while now….your photos, style and words always inspire us….and now with kittens on the scene…..meeeeep….we ♡♡♡.

    • Jeska

      Thank you both, I’ll be over to visit and see what you are drawing!

      PS. The tiny tigers are super cute but really naughty!

  • Miss Pickering

    I am in love with your kittens, they obviously need their own blog.

    also liking the styling, it looks like your blog.

  • Madeleine

    I dont know how you get any work done with those kitties, what a gorgeous distraction from everything, I love that naughty age and how they suddenly crash out.

  • Uncle Beefy

    Oh, Jeska… you’re just gonna charm me to death with these sweet kitten photos! Adorable! And, I just posted about “The Happiness Project” today as well! Great minds… as they say. ;)

    • Jeska

      they are such cute little trouble makers! Really love the book, especially the way it is in monthly sections :)

  • carole

    Jeska, your two new best friends are so cute. I love them. xx

    • Jeska

      thanks, they are super naughty but I find it highly amusing!

  • el {what you fancy}

    The books look great, but those kittens are just stealing the show :) Utterly adorable!