The sunshine is forcing away the clouds and early mornings give new joy to getting out of bed, now is the time I really feel like getting into a healthier routine. So with a new blender to make smoothies and soups and an organic veggie box search underway, March is the month to ‘up the anti’ on my exercise regime (there’s been no routine since we returned from the US, ahem). I am going to join my local yoga and pilates school in an attempt to fix my slouch and tone and strengthen my muscles. But those yoga pants always have a bit of extra give, so something sweet can always stay on the list. A fruit tart at least has some goodness to go with that buttery pastry and plume of cream. A few strings of beads and a pretty bracelet will make sure your gym outfit looks good when meeting friends for a cup of tea after a class and be sure to walk the scenic route past some blossom trees on your way home.

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  • Lynne, Tea for Joy

    Not sure who delivers to Hastings, but I didn’t have a great experience with Able + Cole. Often the food was rotten in the middle, I know it’s organic, but I expect it to last at least a day or too. I cancelled because I got fed up with potatoes + carrots. They were good in that they delivered before I went to work, on a Friday, in my area. I’m going to try Riverford next, who I have heard are better, although a food journalist friend of mine thinks there is not much in it. They deliver at a more inconvenient time but I’m working at home at the minute so am never too far away. I desperately need to do some exercise too. There is a pilates studio at the end of my road, but I find pilates so expensive…

    • Jeska

      Thanks Lynne, how are you liking being at home? I have seen Papermash in a few magazines recently.

      Pilates is super expensive here too but it’s my favourite! :(

  • Alison

    I used both Abel & Cone and Riverford when I lived in Bristol. I did find the veg went off more quickly than the stuff from the supermarket but I liked the variety and it made me eat things I normally wouldn’t. Riverford were slightly cheaper but I liked Abel & Cole as you could specify likes and dislikes on their website before the delivery so if you didn’t like aubergines, you never got them and if you had too many potatoes, you could ask them to leave them out for a week. I miss having a veg box. Nowhere seems to do them in my area in Northern Ireland. Looks like Sainsbury’s will have to do!

  • Snara

    Hi just to weigh in – I’ve been using Riverford for the last year after having a break from them for a few years. Their produce is always excellent, we’ve only had one lot of grapes that didn’t taste as good as the previous week. They offer a good range of different boxes these days – we normally have a mini fruit & veg box for the two of us which doesn’t have potatos (we can buy organic ones locally very cheaply). You can also swap and a add good amount of different things like eggs/milk/meat as and when you want. Have a scout online as they usuall have introductory offers. But maybe just try a few different suppliers to see who you prefer. Oh and getting a box is fab don’t have to think about what to buy, you also don’t get stuck in a rut buying the same thing week after week!

  • Brittany

    I’ve been taking a yoga class at least once a week for the past couple of months and I love it. I’m not doing it often enough to really see any physical changes, but I feel more flexible and am not having as much pain in my hands/arms from tendinitis. I think it’s also worth mentioning that I feel better about myself as a body. I’ve never had body issues, I just feel more in tune with my body.

    I’ve been craving sweets lately, and I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that I’m not eating any fruit. Bring on the strawberries! Gimme the blueberries! Summer is the best.