Helping out in my old offices this week has really helped to remind me how lucky I am to run my online spaces and have so much more freedom, today was market day so after meeting my husband at lunch time on my way home, we made a bee line for the stand of local caterers Om nom nom and picked up this slice of rich dark chocolate torte with a nutty meringue top.
We shared the slice of cake and it tasted even better than it looked, in fact I would go so far to say it’s the best cake I have eaten this year, and there have been a few! Then with a cup of hot tea to warm my hands, (looks like snow again) time to plan tomorrows meals with the lovely book Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights.
Just enough time left before making dinner to finish off the last few pages of my latest scrapbook, big pages filled with favourite recipes, pretty cuttings and interior inspiration. This last page containing warming colours and a perfect winter granola recipe.

Bon appétit!

  • Anastasia Marie

    Tea and cake sounds divine right now! Even though we have no snow.

  • shelbi

    lovely post. did you save me some of that torte? oh my…salivating now. your scrapbook is very inspiring. i wish i had more time to putting a few together…i use to do this all the time. i miss it. happy thursday friend :)

  • Denise @ A Bun Can Dance

    Hi Jeska
    I love the first photo – using a painting as an inspiration board – it is beautiful :-)
    The cake looks divine – though I’m trying to abstain … and beetroot soup sounds delicious!
    Have a lovely evening!
    I’m pleased to hear your brief stint back at work reminded you of the loveliness of being self employed – it is truly special, isn’t it?
    Happy days to you – and a happy weekend!
    Denise x

  • Cornflakes & Honey

    As usual, heavenly inspiration! Love that table cloth. :)

  • girlontheave

    love the sumptuous photos and dreamy scrapbooks. market days truly are the best.

  • sally

    Hi I think your website is wonderful. I love the painting used as
    an inspiration board. I find looking at your photos very uplifting and encouraging. You are a talented lady. Thank you.

    • Jeska

      thanks so much Sally.

  • Aimee

    I love the first photograph.
    Your scrapbook is so beautiful, I would so love to keep one but I am so loathe to cut up beautiful magazines. Then I end with piles of them though so I don’t know what the answer is!

    • Jeska

      Be brave and tear them all down into best bits, then make your own personalised collaged magazines, without all those adverts! :)

  • Mirjam

    Dear Jeska,

    I love your website! Really inspiring! The new website with the changing pictures on the top is really beautiful.
    I was wondering what kind of notebook / scrapbook you use to make yours. I read a lot of magazines, cut out a lot but they seem to end up everywhere in my house. Making scrapbooks sounds like the perfect solution!

    • Jeska

      Hi, I just use cheap old A3 size scrapbooks, recover them and collage all the pages. I had piles of magazines stored for years in their different titles, but get fed up every time we moved house. So broke them down into best bits, them made my own collaged magazines (without all those adverts!)

  • Emma

    Love your scrap book! I rip up all my magazines but I’m never courageous enough to turn them into a collage – mine are very orderly & neatly filed by room, or season, or event – great for relocating things but not terribly adventurous! Lovely to see what you create – maybe I’ll get braver!!! x

  • Thea

    Your flair for textures and color inspires me! And I want that cake.