• http://creativemischiefandme.blogspot.com Anna @ Mischief, Flapjacks, Pantone & Me

    These are brilliant and wasn’t until I scrolled down that I realised they were paintings not photos! Don’t you just love Etsy. Some great talent from the North West UK.

  • http://littletree-blog.blogspot.com rebecca

    Everytime i see these i am blown away by how amazingly real life they look! Love the box of krispy kreme doughnuts, maybe if i bought the picture it would curb my cravings for them…probably not…x

    • Jeska

      I know Rebecca just looking at these makes me want to go to the shops and buy some fondant fancies and iced gems,
      no Krispy Kreme here, a blessing in disguise I feel x

  • http://www.dirtygirlgarden.com Jenn

    I gained 5 pounds just looking at these true to life paintings, yum! They are so realistic they scream “Eat Me.”

  • http://realitycoma.blogspot.com Jay

    Wow, paintings! That’s really awesome. I don’t eat sweets but these look tempting.

  • http://www.penguinsandparentheses.blogspot.com Sticky Penguin

    I just *love* these – and actually fell over them while pottering on Etsy just a little earlier this evening (amazing what googling ‘custard creams’ will turn up!). They’re so charming and retro, but in a modern way too (if that makes sense). And they look almost too real to be real. I just wish I knew where to put them – till then, they’re definitely on my wish list!

    • Jeska

      I know sugary sweet prints for a really girly home :)