Hey! How was your weekend? Our new windows are in and the place is beginning to look a lot brighter now, although my mind is racing ahead and can visualise the end result, time and money decide how fast things can happen so we take every day as it comes. Living here is so much better than we imagined, and the only thing I am missing from our old life is the over fire mantle. Each month in our old apartment I would decorate the wall above the fire with a new mixture of favourite seasonal things from around the home and found at junk shops or out on my travels. With a log burner being installed at some point there will be no mantle here so I will have to find a new place to display all my treasures.Spring MantleSpring – new starts and inspirations – slowly packing away winter things while new projects come to life, making way for a fresh new year, a little more colour and even more fun.Summer MantleSummer – a colourful explosion for just three months of the year, it usually starts with a heatwave and ends abruptly with gales and rain. The only season that seems to stick within its short time frame. Blink and you’ll miss it if you live in the UK although this year has been exceptionally beautiful.Autumn MantleAutumn – The first signs of settling back in to a cosy home, nesting down and adding layers to stay warm. Terracotta plant pots glow with candle light, dried flowers fill old jars and bottles and my ever changing collage gets a warming makeover.Winter mantleWinter – a little extra sparkle, cooler colours and even more candles, this time balanced with much needed light reflecting glass. Subtle frosty colours and lace, wait for the glitter and sequins of the festive season to start.

  • http://rosalilium.com Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    Adorable! I love how easily you can pick the colour schemes out for each season.

    I miss having a mantlepiece. I used to switch it up every season or so – it was a great way to curate my favourite bits and bobs.

  • http://www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.com Kat

    Miss your mantel arrangements too, I wonder what spot you’ll find to replace it in the new place?