This post is a hello to two of my new advertisers, although I prefer to call them friends of Lobster and Swan. I am very happy to introduce Vicky a designer of vintage inspired stationary and dedicated stitcher, and Hope who is a writer, aspiring Etsy seller of pretty frippery, and obsessive decorator. Both have beautiful online spaces where you can while away some time this weekend. Pop over and see what they are making and selling in their shops. I admire them both greatly for the constant inspiration and enthusiasm to try new directions and evolve their creations.
Now if only I can take a leaf out of their books and pull my own little shop back together!

See you Monday x

  • Dina

    Love the style of the thank you cards — so pretty!

  • el {what you fancy}

    So much prettiness, I love it! I’ll definitely be investigating their websites…