I’m liking the look of-wall then bed, I can’t remember sleeping in a bed without a headboard and when Dean and I first moved in together I was super excited to buy a grown up pretty iron bedstead, but lately I have been collecting images of simple beds.

I like the look of the pillows next to the wall, the way it looks a little more dishevelled and relaxed, the thought that my iphone won’t fall down through the bars, the tigers won’t be able to climb up and use my head as an anchor, and it will no longer be a dust trap. All in all mostly good things. Do you have this style of bed?

Images used are collected from Elle Decoration, Living etc, and other interior magazines. Label image found here.

  • http://www.mammamsterdam.blogspot.com Mammamsterdam

    Yes we do. We also lean against a shared wall with the neighbours and since our houses date 1920 (insulation not yet discovered) we are thinking of lining the whole wall with felt. I would love the fuzzy-grey inch thick sort, but it is so expensive, we might try with a wollen colored thinner sort.

    Only thing, I am thinking to make a skirt for the bed which is a basic, robust metalframe.

    • Jeska

      oooh that sounds lovely, soft and sound proofed the type with flecks that is recycled wool? I say get saving x

  • http://juliasbookbag.com Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    I do have this kind of bed! But it’s by accident really, not by design, we just haven’t gotten around to purchasing a headboard yet. I’d rather have a headboard to tell you the truth, but I do have my pillows arranged in such a way that it’s hard to see whether or not I have a headboard!

  • http://love-love-love-blog.blogspot.com/ Hannah Chan

    We have recently purchased a new bed and decided to go for one without a headboard as we liked the look so much but also that we had the flexability to do something else if we got bored with the no headboard look. I very much like how they look against brick walls or walls in windows :)

  • http://www.mypinkdoor.com.au Jenny

    Interesting, I have never had a bed with a headboard! I’ve been thinking that I might like one, but kind of like the simple look. I usually have a statement painting or feature on the wall behind the bed.

  • http://www.cassandraellis.co.uk Cassandra

    We have no headboard – partly because it makes the husband feeling like he’s in a coffin, and partly because we have quilts – and there is a whole lot going on. So big white pillows, small white pillows, beautiful paint on the walls, quilts and no headboard….. I still covet some though…..