As June is being it’s terrible self as ususal, I thought I would share some Summer rich pictures from our day out at Charleston, the beautiful home and country meeting place for the writers, painters and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury Group.The sun was out, soft ragged roses dripped from every wall, the tea tent was buzzing, the festival was in full swing and I fell in love with this amazing place.Obviously no cameras were allowed inside the cool, shaded and remarkably decorated rooms of the house, so for interior pictures this book is fabulous.

  • Emma vintage magpie

    I want to go, I want to go, I want to go!!! It is on the list for when we are next down in Sussex….it looks dreamy x

  • Eadaoin

    June is being a bit miserable isn’t it! It’s the same over here in Ireland, we keep hoping for sun but the clouds & rain rarely disappear. But photos like these remind us of why it’s important to get out there while the sun is actually shining lol. These are gorgeous, the roses over the door are just heavenly, I’d love to have something like that in my future home :) Looks like you had a beautiful day x

  • sam

    Wow! It all looks gorgeous, but that picture with the tea tent – love it!

  • lynn

    I just adore this place….I helped with some of the restoration…too many years ago now.. ha ha
    Lynn xx

  • Homemade and Happy

    Ooh lovely images :-)
    Isn’t it a beautiful house? So inspiring. I went there long ago and was struck by how personal the house felt – as if the artists had just popped out to the shops and would be back in time for tea.
    Hope all’s well with you :-)
    D x

  • Anna

    Love these photos – reminds me of Midsomer Murders which of course reminds me of home back in the english countryside! Always a delightfully beautiful fete being held or garden open day (with pretty bunting of course, what else!) Love it, thanks for sharing! :)

  • bianca

    This place looks so dreamy…. I think I will just have to imagine I’m there with my next cup of tea! Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful day out.

  • Kat

    The roses round the door are SO beautiful!
    It’s not been too bad weather wise this week, sunny & humid.
    But today the heavens have opened and it’s rained SO much.
    The wood pigeons took to having a bath on the summer house roof!
    Kat x

    • Jeska

      sweet little wood pigeons, oh it is the perfect house Kat, I am so jealous and a little bit sad I can’t live there :)