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Up early and listening to the sound of the husband in the kitchen preparing for a half marathon this morning, blender whirring, cats tearing around, the sun is out and I can only hope today is as lovely as yesterday.

Now I have less time in the week, I love to make things on the weekends, and I am sure you do to, so here are a few extra Instagram pictures from my recent feature in the Spring issue of Heart Home Magazine. Simply wrap layers of coloured tissue paper around card board tubes, secure one end with a ribbon, fill the crackers with tiny toys, sweets, balloons and other small favours, then tie a ribbon around the open end to close. Top with paper flowers, scrap images or labels. Pop them on the table as place settings or give them away, rip them open or carefully untie and re-use! Happy making xxx

  • jenny holiday

    Ohh these are so sweet! I just love vintage party favors and I have some very similar to these! From the 1950s! They have prizes inside but I couldn’t bear the thought of opening them! So they have their own lil secrets. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!
    xo Jenny

  • jenny holiday

    Hello hello!
    Ohh these are so sweet! I just adore vintage party favors, and I have some very similar to these from the 1950s! I couldn’t bear to open them, so they hold tiny secrets. :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    xo Jenny

    • Jeska

      Yes Jenny! my grandma has some vintage crackers on her tree and they are tiny and have sweet treasure inside, but way too cute to open. :)

  • The Green Lady

    Hi Jeska, this is a great craft activity to do with kids, lovely idea to do it for spring! The tissue bows look wonderful too. Really great to meet you at the Old Town flea market. I am loving my new bracelet! x