Blush bedroom decorOur weekend wasn’t all about the garden as it did rain for most of the two days. I spent some time snapping a colour pattern happening around our spring household and beyond. I read another chapter of this magical book all about the Bloomsbury Set and their Sussex homes it is only a short book, but I am savouring every page.Blush bedroom decorI had a sudden creative burst and put together a new collage from a stack of saved papers and magazine pages to convey my May mood – a mix of dainty florals, pinks and muted greens, dreaming of bike rides and a quest for finding the first roses – just about sums it up.Paper collage in blush pink tonesAn afternoon washing my favourite jumpers and silk camisoles became an enjoyable task at last – with some beautifully scented and Eco-friendly laundry liquid that was sent to me by the lovely peeps at The Linen Works. Talk about a bitter sweet reunion – does anyone else hoard their delicate items up in the bottom of the linen basket for about a year only to discover a whole world of clothes that don’t get worn (once you reach the bottom of said basket) – and then proceed to wash them all at once? the linen worksSo now – I am all about the glamour and sequins this week – even if I don’t need to leave the house ;). To top off this positively rosy weekend we watched the most beautiful sun, setting over the fields and then disappear down into the trees in a pink and neon peachy glow.Rosy skyline

  • I love everything Bloomsbury, we should plan a Bloomsbury photo safari and go to Lewes and Rodmell and have a picnic on top of one of those beautiful Sussex cliffs – haha I’m already packing my bags. Lovely post and colours.

    • Yes, Yvonne!! That would be the best day ever! :)

  • Such a beautiful post Jeska, the pale peachy pinks! Love! Glad your weekend was spent in such rose coloured joy xx

    • Thank you lovely! I hope you three had a magical weekend too ;)