Brickhouse farm TenterdenI am here with minutes to spare, it is still Monday right? I have spent a good few hours weeding the garden this evening whilst searching for our Wallis who has decided to snooze in a neighbours garden across the road! Now she is found I can share my picture postcards from the weekend.Brick-house farm pop up pubBrickhouse farm TenterdenWe spent Saturday at the beautiful Brickhouse Farm pop up pub – with our travelling Trojan Pizza Oven in a horse box (yep we now have one of those).Brickhouse farm TenterdenThe farm is a magical place that is a visual treasure trove of antiques and vintage finds. The owners Caroline and Rob turned their many amazing out-buildings into a pop up pub and mini festival for the weekend, complete with hay bale seats and wooden tables. The whole place is enchanting, from the ponds to the waterside shack (you may have seen it over on IG) to the friendly roaming chickens and geese, who popped in for pizza scraps throughout the day and evening!Brickhouse farm TenterdenBrickhouse farm TenterdenBrick-house farm pop up pubBrick-house farm pop up pubTrojan PizzaAnd this is our Pizzeria. Built by Dean and our friend Darren, they did a beautiful job of turning an old rusty Rice horse trailer into a mobile wood fired pizzeria, clad with old floor boards, a hand made stainless steel counter and barely enough room for two grown men to make pizza. I have been informed that the exterior paint is official military grade in Camo Beige – just incase you wanted to know!Brick-house farm pop up pubTrojan PizzaThese amazing salt and pepper shakers were found by our friend Ellen (Darren’s wife), I can’t believe she found these with D’s on. Trojan PizzaThe hens were cracking me up, wandering inside the horse box all evening.Trojan PizzaTrojan PizzaTrojan PizzaTrojan PizzaDarren’s secret recipe red sauce and the mesmerising flames licking up the inside of the oven, it’s nice and toasty in there, even on this side of the counter! Trojan mobile PizzaWe had the best weekend, so much fun making pizza and meeting people, (I was just a waitress and cheese runner, there’s no way they’d let me get my mitts on their precious 72 hour cold rise dough) and now all the oak smoke has been washed from my hair and clothes, we might be ready to do it all over again – in our own garden this time, who’s coming?! ;)

  • Rose Ratcliffe

    great post …lovely love the PUB X

  • Sarah

    Sounds like such a fun weekend, your photos are gorgeous!

    • Thank you, I can’t wait to have this little truck back home :)

  • Just amazing!

  • How wonderful, love it all. The pop up pub is such a great idea and I am in love with the horse box pizzeria. Beautiful, dreamy pictures x

    • Thank you! It has been a fun project, what next?! :)

  • What gorgeous pictures, so evocative. What a fantastic idea to create a pizza oven in a horse box – don’t know where you guys get your energy from! It looks delish xxx

    • I have to say Dean is the one that has the energy, it might be something to do with all that coffee he drinks? ;)

  • It looks fantastic and you are so cool! :)

    • haha thank you N xxx I didn’t feel cool in front of the flames ;)