Farrow and ball All White floor paintAlthough I never left the house, I do have some picture postcards from the weekend indoors to share with you today. The clogs have landed. This weekend I have been excited about new footwear, finally painting our floor white (full room makeover in my next post), selling lots of my favourite clothes that no longer fit on eBay, and all the greenness that is taking over the house at the moment. plants in the bedroomWe have a new string of pearls hanging up in the bedroom, and the rest of our urban jungle has been dispersed all around the house while I was painting the office floor.plants in the living space plants in the living space plants in the living space plants in the living space Ebay saleThis pile of happiness needs to vacate my wardrobe so off to eBay it goes. I can’t walk in high heels and all these pretty layer no longer fit, so sadly they have to leave. I feel lighter already – but if you are in the market for some floaty layers or a vintage hand bag, just sayin’ ;)Ebay sale plants in the bathroomThere are some lovely sun rays in our (ugly – needs renovating) south facing bathroom and my Ivy plants can’t get enough. Excuse the horrible windows they need replacing therefore I refuse to wash them.  vintage style dressing tableNot much of my jewellery remains either after my big pair down, but my favourites are all swinging about on the various old mirrors and frames on our dressing table. Below a extra layer has been added to the bed now that a chill is in the air.Ethnic throw ecclectic bedroom decor Ebay saleHappy Monday – I hope you have a beautiful new week. x

  • Your floor looks amazing, well done! What’s your eBay name – haha!

    • thanks! The link above in the post should go to my eBay store hahah! ;)

  • So pretty!! I love how fresh everything looks and I have plant envy as well! I really want a string of pearls hanging plant somewhere… (sigh) xx

    • Let’s see it how it fairs in 3 weeks when all the furniture and two muddy cats get in there ;)

  • You must have room for a few more, Kirtsy? :)

  • Wahoo – lots of coffee and mini sponge rollers Zoe ;)

  • Rebecca Wright

    Thanks so much for showcasing my candle. It looks wonderful amongst your lovely things xx

    • It’s such an amazing scent Rebecca, it will be a regular burner here in our home! :)

  • Ooh so many pretty things! I love photo booth pictures – we can’t seem to walk by one without having a shot! :)

    • Thanks Elise, it’s great when you can find an old fashioned style booth isn’t it?!

  • Amazing blog, I love your plants! Just ordered a string of pearls myself, could you please tell me what’s the plant from the first photo called, the one with double coloured leaves?

    Greetings from Poland :)