Nymphenburg MunichWell, this weekend was a whirlwind of magical happenings! I spent Friday and Saturday in Munich for the ‘Best of Interior Blog Awards’ and I had a brilliant time. Along with three other bloggers from the UK (find out who below), I was included in an inspiring selection of 15 interior bloggers from all over Europe. Not only were we nominated to possibly win one of three awards, but were also asked to submit our favourite interior photos. For a book that was being published, to celebrate style and trends found on blogs from all over the continent. How exciting?! Nymphenburg MunichNymphenburg MunichAfter my delayed flight I finally arrived in Munich to meet up with KimberlyCaroline and Tiffany. First stop was a tour of the beautiful Nymphenburg Porcelain factory pictured here.Nymphenburg MunichNymphenburg MunichThis is the ultimate work place for Urban Jungle Bloggers, filled with plants of every kind, these studios are where all the unbelievably talented and skilled artisans craft all the Nymphenburg porcelain figurines and tableware from start to gold finish. Nymphenburg MunichThe scale and details in the rooms were stunning, just look at this old key?! Nymphenburg MunichThey make giant versions of the bird figurines that are perched all around the gardens. Unfortunately too big to run off with ;). Callwey publishing MunichAfter this we headed off to meet the book publishers Callwey, did you spot the lovely Igor of Happy Interior blog there in the second row?! Then a quick shower and change of clothes at H’Otello, before it was on to the award ceremony at the Kokon store. I only managed to get a couple of iPhone snaps of this part of the day, with all the excitement and Prosecco! I was very honoured to even be considered for an award and was super happy when my fellow UK-er Kimberly won – Best Creative Idea! best of interior blog awards 2015After ALL that fun, we had dinner and I grabbed a much needed 8 hours sleep in my lovely crisp white hotel bed.boiba15-bookRoom to dream - MunichOn Saturday we had a leisurely breakfast and then headed off for some styling fun with our lovely host Sabina of the gorgeous shop Room to Dream. A must visit for all you Scandinavia style lovers out there. A gorgeous shop with even cuter guests, this little fellow below was not amused by all the styling mayhem going on, where 15 bloggers were all jostling to decorate shelves and corners of the store! I fell in love with wooden birds, candle sticks and candy.Room to dream - MunichAfter almost turning to dust, stranded in the baking afternoon sun, Tiffany, Kimberly and I finally fathomed how to get to the incredible hot houses at Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg. This was a green leaved, tropical heaven. Botanischer Garten Munich NymphenburgI think it’s worth visiting the city of Munich for this alone. We were mesmerised by jurassic sized leaves, ancient cacti, fern, fronds and lily pads big enough to use as dinner tables.Botanischer Garten Munich Nymphenburg Botanischer Garten Munich Nymphenburg Botanischer Garten Munich Nymphenburg Botanischer Garten Munich Nymphenburg Botanischer Garten Munich NymphenburgThe lovely Tiffany above hiding behind an amazing leaf! So much green happiness in this weeks picture postcards, I have more to share and of course more details about the book but I can’t keep my peepers open so it’s off to bed for me. Happy Monday (just) xxxBotanischer Garten Munich Nymphenburg Botanischer Garten Munich Nymphenburg

  • Heidi G.

    Amazing photos! I adore Kokon, did you get the chance to have a look around? Sounds like a great weekend!

    • Yes we did, thank you! They had some beautiful plants and things!

  • Caroline Taylor

    Your photos are stunning Jeska! You always manage to see things that other people don’t even notice! I’m SO sad I missed the gardens too!! :(

    • Thanks Caroline! We were so sad you had an early flight too!

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Jeska…sigh…can we go back and do it again with just a little more time and an unlimited Uber account?!! xxx

    • Yes please! What a magical place. I would love a few days to find good coffee and shop inspiration!