living room viewThe last few days have had a very green feel to them, making sure all my plants were looking tip top for some special visitors. So, my picture postcards from the weekend are some of the views of our home that I am really enjoying at the moment. Hopefully, it will be a ‘third time’s a charm’ situation for this Maidenhair fern. I have been a notorious slayer of them in the past. Any tips to up the survival time are most welcome.crate coffee tableWe finally managed to get a second crate to bring our makeshift coffee table up to a more reasonable height, hope it’s not too wood wormy! Home office cornerI have a new corner of the office all decked out with a splinter free packing area and a reel holder for my string. I am very excited about this – thanks, husband xxx Australian ivy plantThis, my latest plant acquisition is a delicate leafed Australian Ivy and I am so in love with it. You’ll probably see it pop up on my IG feed quite often as it’s my latest green muse. Finally, below our sweet baby Wallis – we spent quite a few hours trying to get her to pose for a picture and nothing, then I snapped this – just as the sun was going down. Wishing you a magical week xTabby cat

  • Love the shot of the Australian Ivy!

    • Thank you Kat! It’s such a pretty thing to take pictures of :)

  • Lynn Page

    Your plants are really looking healthy, well done and the pic of Wallis is purrfect!

    • thanks Lynn! For once she sat still for about 5 seconds ;)