Lobster and swan bedroomHappy new week! After a weekend of working and visiting, I am having a calming day of gentle organisation and tidying. I have wanted to share pictures from our weekends every Monday for an age, and now I have my own camera again (yes we have been sharing?!) it feels like I might be able to commit to a weekly post – famous last words. I have been inspired to share what I actually capture of the everyday stuff that happens around here and when we are out and about (instead of just hoarding photos). So here are my favourite picture postcards from last weekend.Hand printed calendarA favourite corner of our home office is taken up with this old scout table that we rescued from free-cycle, you might have seen it in lots of our picture over in the shop. Someone commented on all my pots and tins on the dressing table in the top picture, over on IG – as we always try each new beauty product we stock ourselves, I have quite a varied collection of organic and all natural face and body treats all lined up ready to use each day – my new favourite is The Green Balm – it has so many uses and really is amazing! Frank the catMeet the lovely Frank – my friend Nicola’s cat, isn’t he a dream boat? I spent a good half an hour obsessing over him.  Botany shop LondonWe visited Botany at last and met Angela in her beautiful shop on Chatsworth road in London, I have some new green friends to share with you soon. If you can’t get there follow on IG here! x Botany shop London Crepe du Monde LondonFurther up the road, we ate crepes and drank fresh juice at the charming Creperie du Monde. The restaurant is a perfect mix of old furniture, marble table tops and rustic treasures. The crepes were great and the joy of watching them made right before our eyes was even better! Crepe du Monde London Crepe du Monde London Garden foxThis little guy came into the garden and tried to make friends, but Wallis was having none of it and saw him off!  Uashmama rose goldThe reason my blog post are so upside down these days are because we spend every waking hour styling, shooting and generally working like mad things to get new products up in the store – this week has been all about shimmering rose gold. A few Sipsmith gin and tonics might have eased the stress – so please disregard any spelling mistakes. There is a beautiful swan on their bottles so I think it’s the law or something that I must drink them?Rye East SussexWandering around Rye always seems to melt away any stresses, and calm me down before more hectic days ahead. A quick drink in the Standard helps too ;). I hope I’m not sounding like too much of a drunkard, it’s all medicinal I can assure you! So. How was your weekend?Rye East Sussex

  • Snippets of life are sometimes the best post. Many a Sipsmiths gets drunk in this house so you are not on your own! Back in the North East now and I’m pining for East Sussex so seeing beautiful Rye has made my morning. Jx

    • Yay a gin buddy! So glad you had a wonderful time, sad I missed you though. We loved following your travels in Sussex on IG. Maybe we will be passing your way some day soon! xxx

  • Such beautiful photos as ever! A lovely combination of little moments x

    • Thank you Abi, I’m already looking forward to next weekend, look out for the Pizza horse box!! ;)

  • Love this idea – all such gorgeous images! Please keep sharing if you can xxx

    • Thanks Zoe! I hope to back next Monday with more weekend joy! I hope you are having a good week so far :)