Blue Monday, oh dear. Even without knowing I did wake up a little sad today. Hmmm. Well not one for slipping under the surface of misery, I will make even more effort to smile today and maybe make some one else smile? While you are thinking on that one here’s another lovely ongoing project, Hermine’s Words for Strangers, making people smile all over the world. I just love this idea.As you can see pink is still heavily featuring in my life, running riot you might say. The more I try to neutralise our flat the more this happens, pastel inspiration from Vogue, a day glow cover for my iphone, flowers, frills, florals, parrots. I think I am a lost cause. But after that list a cheered up one!

  • theaxx

    i think if you make others happy you become happy too :) that’s how spoonful makes me feel so I’m all about this project! yes!!


  • rebecca

    It is so hard to keep upbeat in january, with its grey gloomy days, but I had no idea that today is officially blue monday?! For some reason Jan isnt too bad for me it lurks around and then usually strikes in Feb for some reason! Anyhoo here is a link to my cat themed pinterest board (as I know you love your tigers!) there are some funny pics as well as cute, to hopefully brighten your day!x

  • Jennifer

    That bag is so cute <3 it

  • Cathy

    Everyone needs a bit of colour in their lives – especially on a Monday! I love the pic of your phone cover and the parrot wrapper – gorgeous contrast XX

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Never apologize for pink. Pink needs no apologies! I’m ready for February so I can really start pinking it up around our home….:)

  • Charlotte

    That’s funny – I just came from a New Order Blue Monday post elsewhere…

  • Gwyneth & Tamra

    Your blog makes us happy!
    So we nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: