In amongst the stack of bills, letters and catalogues that awaited my return was the Plumo spring collection. Glorious pages awash with soft leathers, beaded jewellery, breezy blouses and folk style home wares. My natural instinct to tear paper took over and I ended up falling for these eleven beautiful things. Sibel Earrings Crista Jacket silver pear light Iza earring Ottoman bracelets Jackson shopper Lindvig Sandals Knot earrings Edith earrings Stockholm table light Nancy blouse as you can see I am still on the hunt for those illusive earrings.

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  • Kat

    Hi Jes
    Welcome back, and yes isn’t the Plumo catalogue full of treasures. I liked the blouse and silk jacket you picked out above. There’s also a couple of bangle sets and dresses that I love. Was a little disappointed in the homewares as nothing happened to be my taste. But maybe it’s just as well!
    Kat x

  • Hope Ava

    Aack! That is the best idea for cataloging your favorite pretty things from magazines…love it! I will have to remember that trick when I finally tackle my massive box of tear sheets. :)

  • nicole hill

    ahhhh! Plumo is my favorite! i have been hitting their winter sale like a koo koo woman :) these newbies are flippin’ fantastic. thanks for sharing. oxo

  • lynn

    Super Spring list…and lovely to have you back….the postcards have been fab but its better to have your lovely posts back.
    Lynn xx

  • D @ Homemade&Happy

    Hello Jeska!
    Lovely Spring wardrobe – I would very much like it myself!
    Wow, what a great trip you had! I bet you feel totally buoyant and full of joie de vivre as a result of it. San Fran – such a wonderful place, isn’t it? I went several years ago – totally fell in love with the place and have dreamed of returning one day – it has such a special feeling, doesn’t it? And so beautiful in many ways. Aaaah – thank you for sharing your holiday with us :-)
    Happy days to you!
    D x

  • ginger

    Oh dear…now I want to start tearing paper…
    Lovely picks.

  • Christina

    I love the way you hand chose {and ripped out} your wish list– and obviously, I’m not the only one! Thanks for the idea :)