A perfect SF evening, sun setting and a chilled breeze, we walked through Fishermans Wharf, buying chunky bread rolls hollowed out and filled with delicious warming crab chowder.Eaten outside with the greedy seagulls squawking and great music from a near by street performer. Next a short walk along to Pier 39 to see all the February tulips, grab some salt water taffy and say hello to the local sea lions, then tired and happy time to catch a cable car home up and down through the steep streets. We managed to cram so many things into our brief two day visit I hope you will come back tomorrow to see our final day. Have a wonderful weekend, are you going anywhere nice?

  • UpGemini

    here in NYC, paella & risotto party tonight, YAY
    your SF days sound wonderful! enjoy your weekend!

  • sofia

    beautiful light there :) lovely !
    Nope, doing nothing this weekend, I’m leaving for work now(sunday :-( ) but well, tomorrow I start my 1 month holidays :)

  • Sue

    It sounds like you’ve been having a fantastic time. I love all the photos and the beautiful vintage feel they have; i’m feeling very jealous!

  • Elizabeth@rosalilium

    Aw, San Francisco is just like I imagine it. So glad you are enjoying it!