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patterned tile table topFinishing details and decisions. So many decisions to make when you are renovating, from taps to worktops, shelving to appliances. These are not all decisions involving money either of course, as the way things will look is just as important to us – how high shelves should be, what finish to have on the plaster, dark wood or light wood? Our minds have been a fun (and I won’t lie, sometimes stressed) muddle of the choosing of things for over more than a year now. We have just a few more to make – including which vintage style patterned tiles to use for the kitchen splashback.Vintage style splash back tilesI am torn between three different styles, these are all from Porcelain Superstore, I ordered a few samples from their range to hold up in place. We have been on the hunt for a vintage style for ages but couldn’t find any the right colour or size. These ones look like four tiles but are actually one large tile, much easier to manage and line up, especially if they are only one run high. We had mosaic walls in our last home and Dean nearly went mad lining them all up. Being a 45cm square these fit behind our sink with just a little over each side and a pair fits exactly behind the hob as our oven is 90cm wide.Vintage style splash back tilesWe are not sure if our hearts lie with the stars or either one of the blue and old gold coloured ones though?! They are still not grouted on as we have been agonising over them for months. Remember the kettle saga? Soon to be relived as our kettle now has a crack in the glass viewing window, I guess we’ll be back to a pan on the hob for a while!Vintage style splash back tilesI also LOVE these – Ottoman Blue ones (slightly smaller size). But three to choose from is clearly enough for us. I feel like I am having another one of my wallpaper breakdowns. At least the wall is waxed so it is quite stain and water repellent if we never make a decision.Vintage style splash back tilesIf you have a favourite, I’d love to know? I have put them side by side below to easily compare. I’m erring towards A or B – if we cannot decide I might use them all mismatched on the floor or shelves in our new mini greenhouse. Something else I have been dying to get outdoors and do – but the rain just won’t stop. Come on spring!Vintage style wall tilesVintage style splash back tilesDon’t worry though, nothing will go to waste here, I discovered one tile also fits perfectly the top of this mid-century side table (below) that we found at a boot fair for 50p. patterned tile table topHooray for reviving old pieces and bargains. I’ll be photographing the finished kitchen later this week so we will see if any tiles actually make it on to the walls in time. Back tomorrow with a book I know you are going to love xpatterned tile table top

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