A great day for me and all Rachel Ashwell-Shabby chic lovers, I have been waiting patiently for The Prairie to be finished and oh my goodness, when can I leave Blighty and move on in? I love all the ruffled goodness mixed with rustic charm and the odd sparkle here and there. Go see go see!

All images The Prairie.

  • Clare

    I want to live there. Sigh.

  • lynn

    Me too…..
    there are so many beautiful rooms I would have to move every two days I think to achieve the total experience

    • Jeska

      Oh Lynn, I really hope I can get there one day soon!

  • Kat

    Oh my, I’m booking the room next door to you J
    Off to go see more, Kat
    Ps – saw on Amazon there’s a new book coming in October! :)

    • Jeska

      I love love this place! and yes can’t wait for the new book hooray x