Print like Laura AshleyI am so behind, like running in treacle this week, but last week I was miles away from this chaos in London at The Papered Parlour in Clapham, to celebrate 60 years of Laura Ashley. It was an amazing sixty years ago that Laura Ashley and her husband started out and decided to design a range of scarves, printing them on her kitchen table in Pimlico, London.Print like Laura AshleySo to celebrate the lovely girls at Laura Ashley invited me and a few other lucky bloggers to try our hand at printing some of the archive patterns with the lovely peeps at the Papered Parlour. Twinkling with vintage chandeliers and decorated with Laura Ashley prints, the papered parlour was strewn with mugs and candles all in archival patterns, jam jars fizzing with bubbly and plates piled high with cakes, cronuts?! and savouries, I have to admit, it was like an Enid Blyton party for grown ups! I jumped right in and got my nails expertly painted with tiny blooms by Nancy Mc Nails, so they would be dry for when the inks and screens came out.Print like Laura AshleyI had such a fun night, no paint was spilled and my vintage blouse came out unscathed (I mean, who wears vintage cream lace to a print workshop?!), above are my finished bag and print, yes pink pink pink, and even though I am probably the most rubbish networking candidate in the UK, I am pleased to report I did make a couple of new blog friends and will definitely need to take up an extra fitness class to work all the cake off my hips!

  • ann

    Sounds like a fabulous night. I just love Laura Ashley vintage prints and collect quite a few of her fabrics. How wonderful to be able to make a print or printed bag yourself.

  • Tamzin

    Love that nail! x

  • Sarah

    You are lucky! I used to work for Laura Ashley in Ft. Lauderdale at the Galleria Mall. I had just moved to Florida from London and absolutely loved the aesthetic as I still do. I don’t see it around too much though, not sure there is a store here in my area (metro New York). Looks like a great time, have a great weekend! ;-)