Hello wednesday people, are you enjoying the sunshine? As you know I am always banging on about our lack of garden, so for the last few days while the summer seems to be making a comeback, we have been finding alfresco dining opportunities, a farm cafe, an inside/outside sushi restaurant, a lovely picnic with a few of my girlfriends (all of which I neglected to photograph, sorry!) and a seaside supper with the husband. The shining sun was setting, the tide slowly coming in, a few dog walkers and other folks with picnics were also scattered along the shoreline. When we come to this part of the coast I am always obsessing over these seaside plants above, they are such a vibrant colour and as the seasons change those plump green olive-like seeds turn a pale brown and snap off just like coastal tumbleweed, ready for me to collect and put in a vase at home for when the winter sets in.Getting back to the supper, we roasted corn on the cobs and asparagus alongside a ginger and spring onion stuffed sea bream and chilli-corriander chicken skewers and ate sides of grissini dipped in a pot of Rose’s homemade humous and a plate of brown rice, almond and samphire salad.It’s so easy to pack up some things and head out to eat, every time we do make the effort I always think, how come we don’t do this all the time?

  • Danielle | Pretty Ingrid

    This dinner by the sea looks heavenly. Now that I live near the coast, I hope to do this often. Perhaps I will pack a dinner for the boy and I this evening and enjoy an al fresco meal on the shore. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sue

    That looks so amazing, it really is something special when you make the effort to do something as simple as picnicing. My boyfriend hates eating outdoors so I don’t get the chance unless it’s with friends.

  • Homemade and Happy

    It sounds like the most wonderful meal in the perfect setting! I wish I was there!