Romanian Postage StampsA little wander through St Leonards after a workout last week, led me past one of my favourite places, the The Stamp And Coin Shop in St Leonards-On-Sea, an unsung hero of a place, I think I may have mentioned it before, small and dark with bars at the windows, next door to a questionable free house. But inside it’s quiet and piled high with albums and boxes and treasure can be bought for a just few pence. Romanian Postage StampsI informed the owner that I wasn’t a ‘proper collector’ incase he frowned upon my buying his stamps for collages and craft projects, but happily he said there was no such thing. My love of stamps is more about the aesthetics than value, and Romania and Japan have some of the prettiest. What do you think? What are your favourite things to collect? Romanian Postage StampsRomanian Postage StampsThis little collection from 1975 made my day, with their bright colours, ikat inspired prints and little animals hidden in the patterns, and below the other end of the spectrum, delicate line drawings of water plants. Now what to do with them, I’m feeling another matchbox project coming on.Romanian Postage StampsRomanian Postage Stamps

  • Dana

    Hi Jeska,
    I’ve noticed before in your Etsy shop a Romanian stamp and I’ve been surprised (in a pleasant way, lol). These ones from above feature patterns used in Romanian handmade wool carpets (folklor), you still can find then in villages in peasants houses (they are gorgeous). I’m glad you like them and featured them on your lovely blog.

    P.S. Finally (since this week) I can open your blog without Avast warning me about a bug,lol…

    • Jeska

      Hooray, at last! Thanks you, I would love to see one of the rugs, I am obsessed with most vintage stamps from Romania :)

  • Nana Diana

    I love stamps and always buy the “pretty ones” when I need them. I am working in a house helping clear it out and the hubby has an extensive stamp collection. He has been collecting for over 50 years!!!! Coins, too- xo Diana

    • Jeska

      Ooh exciting Diana, I bet you are finding all sorts of treasure!

  • Elizabeth

    I didn’t know you could buy old stamps! Those are beautiful. Every time I go to the post office to buy stamps, I ask for something pretty and colorful. Often, I also have to say “and not this one” because our definitions of pretty & colorful were not the same but I didn’t have the heart to tell them that when they presented me with a set the last time. :)

    • Jeska

      me too Elizabeth, I like to put vintage ones from all different countries on letter fronts for friends, and then seal them again inside a normal boring stamped envelope :)

  • Dana

    I’m not sure from what region they are (they are different for every region of the country), but I believe they could be these ones:

    If the link doesn’t work you can write “covoare oltenesti” in google browser, and look for images(they are quite well known; I’ve been once to a nuns monastery where they make them using old looms – my grandmother used to do the same – and I know for sure there are still places where they do them in this ancient way for themselves or just for tourists – they are expensive though).

  • Dana

    Yes, there are some Romanian carpets on Etsy too; those you’ve found are from Transylvania. If you search on Etsy “Romanians pillows” you could find some beautiful ones, there are few shops selling them.
    Here you have a link from the Village Museum (Bucharest), they have a nice collection of carpets:

    I’ve also found on Etsy a very interesting Romanian shop:

    Hugs xxx

  • Sue

    I have a bit of a stamp obsession. When I’m selecting combinations of stamps for my artwork I get a bit carried away looking at them.

  • Lynda Shoup

    I have a collection of pretty stamps. For a while I made jewelry out of them. You have inspired me to get them out and use them.